William Saito’s Advice to Entrepreneurs and businesspersons

William H. Saito was among the few individuals to be featured on the list of a 100 most influential Japanese by Nikkei. William started software programming while in elementary school. He started his firm when he was still in high school. In the year 1998, Saito was named by USA Today, NASDAQ, as well as Ernst & Young as entrepreneur of the year and by the same time; he was globally recognized among the leaders in encryption, cybersecurity, and biometric authentication. It is after selling his company to Microsoft in 1995 that he decided to move to Tokyo. There he founded InTecure which is a capital venture company and also doubles as a consultancy that helps in the development of global talents, identification of innovative technologies and also assisting entrepreneurs to gain success. At the beginning of 2012, Saito was appointed to join the National Strategy and Policy Council that directly reported to the Prime Minister of Japan. He has also served as Chief Technology Officer of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission from late 2011. Mr. Saito is also a founding Board Member at the World Economic Forum (WEF) that named him as a Young Global Leader and also a global Council Member.


According to an interview that William Saito had with Ideamensch.com, a typical day for him involves working with people to help them understand the real meaning of their problems and coming up with solutions that can be used in the real world. Saito believes that the best way to bring new ideas to life is by what he calls “Design thinking” which involves failing early, often, fast and most importantly failing forward. Saito further added that to be a productive entrepreneur, one needs to understand “failure” as a fundamental necessity for innovation and be able to work as a team. To the younger generation, his advice is that they should not rush at things and they should plan to do what they are passionate about and not necessarily what their parents want them to do. As of growing in business, William Saito says that it starts when the business owner provides products and services that make the customers come back to their premises to buy again. Creating something that will not only sell once but twice and above is what matters.

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