Troy McQuagge Wins a Prestigious Professional Excellence Award

USHealth Group Inc. CEO Troy McQuagge was recently named CEO of the Year during the One Planet Awards. This is a prestigious recognition that awards excellence in the corporate world. Corporations across the globe can take part in the awards as long as they submit their nominations. The award recognizes success among public and private entities, and non-profit organizations. It is conferred in different categories including corporate marketing, communication, new services and products, and PR.


McQuagge’s nomination for the prestigious award was heralded by his introduction of effective corporate strategies that have seen USHEALTH Group maintain its dominance in the industry. Since joining the company in 2010, he has made a name for himself by fortifying its distribution agency, US Health Advisors. His efforts to revitalize the once-ailing company saw him appointed USHEALTH Group’s CEO in 2014. His tenure has coincided with massive success and expansion. The company has consequently become one of the most competitive players in the health insurance market.


In his acceptance speech, Troy McQuagge expressed his delight with winning the award. He similarly used the opportunity to retaliate his dedication towards ensuring that health insurance is streamlined. He further stated that the award is a result of team effort and therefore, it belongs to every employee at US Health Group Inc. Winning it is proof that the company’s dedication towards improving healthcare affordability remains unwavering. Mc.Quagge further stated that the company hopes to provide innovative and affordable coverage, which satisfies the demands of the healthcare market.


Mr. McQuagge’s Résumé


Troy serves as the president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. Besides this, he is also a member of the company’s executive board. His rise in the corporate ladder has been meteoric if not spectacular. Before he became the company’s head honcho, Troy was its Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President. During this stint, he helped expand the firm’s market share.


Mr. McQuagge also serves as the president, CEO, and board chairman of Freedom Life Assurance Company, which is a key subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group. The University of Central Florida alumnus began his remarkable career at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He served in numerous positions at the firm. It is during this time that his penchant for business efficiency and customer satisfaction was noticed. This saw him ascend to a senior position at the company.


Troy joined United Insurance Company’s student insurance division in 1995 as its president. Under his leadership, the division recorded its highest profits ever. After the company was acquired by private investors and renamed HealthMarkets, Mr. McQuagge was called upon to lead its sales and marketing division. He was appointed company president in 2007. During his first years in charge, the company’s sales exceeded the $1 billion mark. This saw it recognized as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

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