The RealReal Really is That Good

The RealReal is a modern day consignment store that sells brand name goods. The idea was brought to life as a startup by Julie Wainwright in 2011, but has grown to become the popular brick and mortar store that it is today. The winning idea has now spiraled into an mobile application that individuals flock to daily to sell and purchase luxurious items, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

With the growth of the RealReal company and mobile application, the buzz has reached social media and earned them over 127 thousand followers on popular platforms like Instagram. The authentic quality of the items posted for sale are very evident, especially through the vivid postings on their instagram account.

The account portrays luxury, especially a square faced Cartier watch that was posted recently and received over 500 likes and one follower even commented that the brown leather strap watch with gold accents and a square face is her dream watch. Another post of a pair of green and gold Gucci brand sandal heels were highlighted and the admiration was endless from followers. The video of the Gucci shoes received over 8,000 likes from admirers and comments praising the color combination and unique styling. Another, features a 3D black and gold, shape holding Prada brand bag that was posted recently and the praise was overwhelming. Followers from everywhere couldn’t reserve their comments in total admiration for the styling and quality of the bag.

The luxury filled site highlights different product offerings that are styled and placed strategically to be visually appealing and attractive to followers and users. There’s no denying the superior quality of the postings and the even better nature of the products that are featured, which is a direct reflection of the wonderful quality of the company.

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