Talkspace: Where technology meets therapy

Mental health issues still carry a heavy stigma, in spite of society’s growing awareness. Renee Fabian relates her experience with seeking help for her mental health and gives tips on looking for care in her article How To Ask For Help with Mental Health Care .

Finding care is essential for many people, but reaching out can be difficult. Not everyone understands mental illnesses and it’s hard to explain how everyday life is effected by them with someone who doesn’t have experience.

Accepting that you might need outside help is one thing, knowing when to reach out is another. There isn’t a one size fits all timeline, seek care when you’re ready. If you are struggling with more serious symptoms like thoughts of self-harm or hallucinations, seek help immediately.

There are many ways to find care, through health insurance, primary care doctors, or online programs like Talkspace. Research your options and decide what will work for you. Then take that big step towards healing.

Talkspace has compiled information from hundreds of studies and compiled a playlist of spring sounds .Listening to a playlist such as this can be calming as well as invigorating, allowing the mind to prepare for the changing season.

Talkspace is an online therapy program that connects users with a licensed therapist. It combines traditional therapy with modern technology, allowing users instant contact with their therapist. A Google search of Talkspace provides hundreds of glowing reviews, and at $25 per week, the price is comparable to some in-person therapy sessions.

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