I See You: Sightsavers Charitable Organization

Currently, there are an estimated 39 million people who suffer from blindness globally. The majority of these cases could have been eradicated with simple affordable solutions, but they were neglected because the people affected are underprivileged.

Enter Sightsavers

Started by Sir John Wilson Sightsavers began its mission in 1950. Since then they have delivered valuable and necessary aid to over 295 million people across the world. Although they are based in the United Kingdom they have branches in India, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, the United States and elsewhere. Presently they are in over 30 countries and growing.

What Does Sightsavers Do?

They are a multinational organization who are committed to helping those with eye problems. They have performed more than 7 million sight-saving operations. They train and equip hundreds of thousands of specialized personnel from caring volunteers to surgeons. They focus on eradicating preventable cases of sight loss. In the case of those who aren’t able to regain their vision, they strive to make their life as functional as possible for a happy life so they may be self-reliant.

What Does Sightsavers Focus On?

They educate community health workers to be able to properly detect and address eye issues for patients. They make home visits and examine those who suffer from a range of eye health problems including:

*Reduced Vision – When your eyesight begins to get blurry or fail in one or both of your eyes and you can not see at the level of 20/20. Reduced vision may be temporary, but in some cases, it turns out to be permanent.

*Cataract – When your eye’s lens begins to cloud as if you’re looking through a fogged or iced window. Cataracts will hinder your ability to recognize writing, people, and even drive your vehicle.

*Trachoma – Currently the number one cause of blindness. It is an infection that is caused by bacterium Chlamydia trachomatis. It produces dry harshness around the eyelids.

*River Blindness – Also known as Onchocerciasis River blindness is an infection caused by a parasite that results in extreme itching, rashes, discolored flesh, and sight loss.

Joint Secretary of SURE Lata Kacchawa said,”Sightsavers is supporting people who are very remote, who are really deprived and who need the services most.” With the current state of eye health care in the world, Sightsavers is a very needed organization.