Skout’s Survey Published On Uloop About Random Kindness

Have you been doing kind things throughout February? Maybe you were not aware of it, but it was Random Act of Kindness Week from February 15th to the 20th. If you didn’t get a chance to perform your big act of random kindness for someone that you didn’t know (i.e. buying a coffee for a stranger on a whim), then you can still join in on the kindness. For many of us, the kindness acts don’t end. The week of kindness celebration is definitely a nice way to introduce people to the fact that we are all in this world together. The more that we help each other enjoy our days on this planet, the better the planet is for all of us.

You should know that there was a survey that was performed on a social media application in order to access how well people are engaging in kind acts. The survey was presented by the social media group called Skout. The group is in charge of introducing people to each other from all over the world. The world is a huge place, and it is filled with people who want to talk to each other. Skout is a great place to meet new individuals that just might share something in common with yourself. If you go on to Skout, then you will see people with things in common with you and there will surely be people who you learn something new from.

Skout had a survey that was published on Uloop’s website. The results were quite interesting, so I thought I would share them with others in this posting. The results make me want to do more random acts of kindness. Did you know that 51 percent of people, according to the survey, are engaging in these types of kind acts towards strangers every day. Isn’t that inspiring to hear?

Skout is easy to use. People set up profiles on Skout constantly. You never know who you are going to run into on the platform. There are so many different types of people to meet. You can make lifelong friends on their app, or you can make online friends, or you could find someone special to date. If you want to read the article, find it here.

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