Skout’s Potato Chip Survey Is For A Good Cause

Potato chips can reveal a lot about a person. Skout has proved this to be the case. The San Francisco technology company runs a popular dating/social networking mobile app and, in honor of National Potato Chip Day, asked 3,000 of its members to answer of few potato chip-related questions. The intriguing answers will surprise those who never looked at the sociological side of potato chips.

Based on the responses, the particular of flavors enjoyed by a person show how big his or her social circles are, how often the person frequents (or doesn’t frequent) the gym, and what the particular political preferences of someone might be. No, the survey is not scientific, but it is a lot of fun.

Fun is the one thing Skout is all about. The purpose of Skout’s social network is to more easily bring people together for dating and friendship. The dating game has changed a great deal over the past ten years. People live busier lives than ever before and this makes it harder to connect with others in a more traditional manner. A path forward exists for those who do want to meet someone new, but don’t have the active social life they once did. They should follow a new path and one that has proven very successful: venture into the world of social media-based dating apps.

Skout has produced an outstanding app that makes it incredibly easy to meet new people. Skout is a fantastic app designed to connect people across the globe through a geographic-based dating and friendship-oriented mobile social media platform. Skout is doing quite well for itself and for its members. People across 200 different countries have signed up with Skout making one of the more popular social media apps in existence.

Skout is not just being producing the survey for laughs. The company is connecting the survey with a charitable endeavor. Participants of the social network who send a “virtual potato chip sticker” to other members will be logged. Skout will tally up the number and deliver a cash donation to a local food bank. One cash donation per sent virtual sticker shall be made. Skout engages in a number of local charity endeavors similar to this one. A great many people in the Bay Area benefit from Skout’s generosity.

PR Newswire has a solid review of the entire potato chip survey. The piece is worth perusing.

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