Securus Technologies on Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is one of the few companies that provide civil and criminal justice technology solutions to the correctional centers in the United States and Canada. Securus Technology opened its doors to the inmates several years ago, and it has managed to impress many people. The company has a team of reliable professionals who have a lot of expertise, especially in the technology department. The chief executive director of the institution has been instrumental in the success of the firm.


Rick Smith was nominated to take the position of chief executive officer in the year 2008. Since his appointment, the businessman has worked hard to take the technology company to greater heights. Smith and the team of professionals serving in the company have introduced several applications to make the lives of the inmates better. The products from the firm are cheap and affordable, meaning that they do not strain the pocket of the inmates or their families.


Last year during the Christmas holiday, the inmates had the time of their lives. This is because the company introduced the video communication app that allowed the inmates to keep communicating with their families and friends who were celebrating the holiday miles away. Before the introduction of the application, the families and friends of the inmates had to travel long distances so that they could get to spend time with the prisoners.


The holiday was harder for the parents in the prisons because they could not see their children who were far away. Securus Technologies has made things easier for the children and their parents too. Last holiday, the parents watched as their children opened their presents at home. The prison officials also benefited from the application. It is easier to monitor the inmates when they are using the video communication app. The detectives were able to collect some evidence using the new service.


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