Securus Technologies Brings On the New GovPayNet

For the Government, the GovPayNet is a leader in processing debit and credit card. Have you ever wondered how you would pay for traffic and speeding violations? I know I have. The payment process makes it possible to pay any costs owed to the government.



GovPayNet has been processing payments for the government for over 20 years. They are working on expanding their services further within the state. Now they are including areas in areas such as the department of revenue. During those 20 years, GovPayNet has processed more than $40 million in payments every year. As they receive additional funding from investments, the project continues to grow. Thus, making it appealing to investors.



Eventually, I think GovPayNet will start to expand it’s services outside of the government allowing businesses and corporations to use them. It could be a massive breakthrough if this advanced service is available to everyone. Until this secured system is open to the rest of us, I will need to resort to another source to help with my credit and debit card transactions.



Securus’ Technologies has come a long way. They now provide services for over 3,500 public safety agencies. They have a strong commitment to the community by making it a safer place to live and providing hope to those who need it. With the technology of Securus’, we can connect to the matters that are important. Their team of professionals is here to providing you the best in safety and protection, making Securus’ a world leader in their industry. They will continue to grow their business and ensure they surpass the competition. Securus’ is in a lead of their own as they bring protection and security through the services they provide.



GovPatNet by itself provides services in 35 states, to over 2,300 agencies, covering over 26% throughout the United States.



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