Rodrigo Terpins Lives Up To His Driving Ideals

Rodrigo Terpins is a humble star among the top Brazilian drivers. The prototype T1 rally hero has attracted a large fan base because of his easy demeanor and the words of encouragement he always has for upcoming sportsmen and women. Rodrigo Terpins has accomplished what many drivers who came before him could not achieve in their whole driving career. He is one of the best prototype T1 drivers. He is also a member of the Bull Sertoes team. He inspires many families because of his choice of the navigator in most of the T1 races he has taken part in. He is often navigated by the experienced Michel Terpins, who is also his brother. The siblings set the race track alight when they rev past cheering crowds of Brazilian fans who do not seem to get enough of them. They have posted some of the best results whenever they drive together. In the recent races, Rodrigo Terpins emerged fifth in what was a grueling duel with much more experienced drivers. The performance of the popular Brazilian hero keeps improving after every rally. For more details visit LinkedIn.



A brief history of Rodrigo Terpins



He was born in Sao Paulo in around 1977. He is reported to have loved cars from a tender age. Rodrigo Terpins went to school and studied Management and Corporate Governance at St. Hilaire University. He is also a corporate executive in charge of the T5 Partipacoes Company. Rodrigo impresses his friends and foes with his time management skills that enable him to keep his busy schedule as the Senior Director of the corporate entity and still take part in the motor rally races. Mr. Rodrigo Terpins says he gets inspiration from his family members. Indeed, two of his brothers are also rally drivers. Michel Terpins often helps Rodrigo Terpins as his navigator in the T1 prototype races. Michel is also a team member of the Bull Sertoes Rally where Rodrigo belongs. The brothers have recently featured in the rough terrain rally that stretches their rallying skills to the limit. In the 25th edition, Michel drove with his T-Rex where he clinched the 5th position while his younger brother Rodrigo Terpins finished 7th.



Rodrigo on Social Media



Rodrigo Terpins has established social rapport with his fans on social media. He runs five social media accounts where he shares his experiences with his fans. He maintains a professional outlook, even in social discourse’ a true reflection of his commitment to discipline in all his endeavors. He uses his Tumblr account to update his fans regarding his rallying calendar.


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