Rocketship Education, Ending Public VS Charter School Battle!

Recently, many parents of children who attend a well known charter school Rocketship Education, wrote a letter to Metro Nashville Public Schools school board along with the director of the board of Nashville’s education, which is Shawn Joseph. The school board recently made a statement and said that the charter school system is unraveling. Many parents, teachers, and even students who attend charter schools were very disappointed from that statement. Academically, many charter school students are performing better than children who attend private schools or even the public schools that aren’t charter. Some parents came together and decided to write the board a respectful letter informing them of how their statement was taken.

Almost 400 parents wrote the board a letter that had a lot of understanding words in it. A response to the letter has not yet been received, but parents are waiting for a response to the letter. Every since charter schools began in Nashville, it seems like the public school system has always been against them. In the letters the parents asked the board can they all come together for the children. The letter also asked for all of the negativity and hatred to end against public charter schools. The only people who are really being hurt from all of the hate that the board is throwing toward charter school is the children.

Parents also showed lots of love to public schools in the letter as well. The parents made it clear in the letter that they do not hate or dislike public schools and they do not wish public schools any harm or bad as well. The parents made it clear that choosing to send their children to a charter school was a personal choice for their children, and that it is. They did not want their children to attend the neighborhood school because the neighborhood school just isn’t their first choice for their child’s education.

The parents phrased the letter very well. Charter schools and the parents of the charter school children are waiting for a response sent with peace. The war between the two must end.

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