The Past and Future of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers isn’t just a simple electronic music band. It is one of the fastest growing names in the electro music industry.

The Chainsmokers was born from a pair of DJs named Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who were already enthusiasts of the profession way before they met each other.

Alex Pall, living in New York, was already performing around the New York City when he was approached by his manager and got presented to Taggart.

Alex Pall had a stable job and liked working as a DJ at bars and events as a side job, but nothing serious. It was only in an art gallery that he realized that the electronic music was everything he could think about.

Andrew Taggart came from the same background. He loved what was commonly referred to as “Dance Music” way before it was a thing before the famous artists of the industry were popular.

Andrew Taggart also liked working as a DJ as a hobby, but, instead of performing like Alex, Taggart enjoyed composing with friends and alone and posting his creations on SoundCloud, where he had a small but loyal legion of fans that really enjoyed his productions and told him that he had the talent to become significant.

It didn’t take too long for the manager of both artists to realize the potential that they had to work as a duo, partners of the same band. When they got introduced by the producer to each other, they quickly took a liking of each other’s story, and began chatting about their love for the genre and how much they were willing to work hard for their dream.

The Chainsmokers was born in 2008, after an intense period of composing, learning, testing and reproducing. Both were amateurs, but they quickly became outstanding in their craft. The first songs produced under the name of the Chainsmokers quickly received wild attention from fans of the genre.

Their first EP was called “Bouquet,” with the tracks “New York City,” “Until you were gone,” “Roses” and other titles. It wasn’t until their next single, however, that they got massive popularity. “Don’t Let Me Down,” which is still one of their most famous titles, sold millions of copies and was a success worldwide.

InnovaCare Health Under Rick Shinto Proceeds To Ranks Among Leading Healthcare Services Providers

Healthcare is an industry that has seen many changes and several companies that invested in this domain well have managed to reap great benefits while enhancing access to services. Companies like InnovaCare Health embraced some changes recently and surprisingly started to grow. There are many challenges that occur in the industry and only those companies that are structured well are able to overcome these problems. InnovaCare Health has in the last five years grown to attain its goal of becoming a leading physician practice services provider.


Under proper leadership and focused professionals, the company was able to beat odds and to overcome the many challenges that put a stop to the progress of a business. The first challenge the leaders had to address was the quality of services and the mode of delivery. Rick Shinto leads a team of professionals who took part in the reconstruction of the company to offer it a chance to perform better than before. He is a professional whose profile has grown over the years due to the many successes he recorded. Check out



About Rick Shinto

Before diving into InnovaCare Health deeper, it is also vital to know about their CEO, Rick Shinto. When he was appointed to lead the company, there were no set structures to address challenges and this is a problem he had to work on quickly. Since 2012, he has managed to transform the company to make it one of the most preferred providers of managed healthcare services.


Rick Shinto took part in the development of a new service delivery system and he continued his legacy that he began building while he was working with companies like NAMM California and Aveta Inc. He has been getting support from Penelope, who is the current Chief Administrative Officer. They both worked at Aveta and due to cooperation and understanding, they have been offering InnovaCare Health unique services meant to reinforce good performance. You can visit



About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a leading managed healthcare provider that has been serving the residents of Puerto Rico. The company was established more than 10 years ago but its moment of success came after 2012 when Rick Shinto took over the mantle of leadership. InnovaCare Health offers high quality managed healthcare services and has been in the forefront working with leading institutions to make healthcare provision easy and beneficial to all users. It has some of the most experienced professionals, which is also the reason they have managed to grow so big within just five years.



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AdSphere Awards Selects Winnner Of Annual DRTV Award

AdSphere Awards are the most prestigious award ceremony for the direct response television market. The award show is sponsored by DRMetrix, a leading company that monitors advertisements and direst response television campaigns. Read more: U.S. Money Reserve Wins Two ‘Best of Category’ Awards at 2018 AdSphere™ Awards

The awards organization watches over seven thousand brands and their television campaigns. The awards ceremony narrows down the top brands into twenty categories. Furthermore, these twenty categories are broken down into over one hundred smaller categories.

The AdSphere Awards chooses the best advertises based on four different characteristics. Lead generation, short form products, 28.5 minute informercials and brand/direct are the characteristics the award organization focuses on. Additionally, these are these are the categories awards are given out in.

The company speaks highly of brands who have made it to a place in their business where they can execute a proper direct response television ad. It takes a lot of media, creative, financial and marketing effort to get the attention of television viewers and especially DRMetrix. About seventy companies took home awards from the AdSphere Awards ceremony. Learn more about US Money Reserve: and

The AdSphere Awards nominated and made U.S. Money Reserve a winner for a consecutive year. The America’s Gold Authority brand won again with its award winning direct response television advertisements.

The precious meatal distributor won due its excellence and cunning way to capture the attention from television viewers. They won in the categories for informercials and short form products. The direct response television industry is a very challenging industry but U.S. Money Reserve seems to have conquered this highly competitive space.

The precious metal company takes winning as an honor. The executives of the company believe that by winning two awards this year proves how hard working the staff at U.S. Money Reserve really is.

U.S. Reserve is a veteran in the precious metal business. They offer customers U.S. government issued products that range in metal like silver and gold. It is a very large company and has customers from all over the United States.

These customers come to the company looking for ways to flourish their assets with silver and gold coins. The staff at this company are knowledgeable about the markets and precious metal industry. They work with all customers with varying degrees of financial backgrounds and precious metal buying experience.

Customer service keeps customers returning. Long term relationships are formed with the customers who visit this company. This allows for U.S. Money Reserve to continue doing business.

OSI Food Solutions: Leading by Example in Food Retail

Did you know that many of your favorite food retailors receive their food products from food processors? Yes, this is absolutely correct, and there are very few food retailors who produce their own foods. All of the diverse brands that sit on the shelves of supermarkets have generally come from a handful of food processors. All it takes is to manipulate a few ingredients, and you’ll get a completely different taste in certain foods. OSI Food Solutions serve a wide range of food retailors such as grocery stores, restaurants and other food retailors. The company is privately held, and it’s one of the nation’s biggest companies.

Fritters, hotdogs, beef patties, pizza, pork products, onions, fruits, chicken wings, poultry products, bacon bits, chili, Tofu, cooked sausage links, steak, chicken nuggets, cucumbers, tomatoes, soups, pasta, cheese, desserts and many more products are being produced on a daily basis. OSI Food Solutions is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, but it used to be headquartered in Oak Park, Illinois. One-hundred years of experience has helped the company thrive in one of the most demanding industries on earth. OSI Food Solutions also produces its own food products. That’s right! This particular company is well-known for its custom-food-solutions. The food specialists here are highly educated, and they’ve been trained in a vast range of global cuisines. The company’s employee-base works under strict safety protocols such as:

• Process Control Measures

• Relentless Tracking

• Stringent Policies

• Customer Audits

• HACCP Deviation Training

• And more

McDonald’s, a popular hamburger chain of restaurants, was one of OSI Food Solutions’ first clients. In the late ’50s, the CEO of McDonald’s agreed that OSI would be one of its main meat producers. This strong bond has been going strong ever since, and OSI Food Solutions built a facility that catered only to the production beef.

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One of the Best of Boraie Development

The Boraie Development company is involved in a variety of ventures in the urban markets including real estate development, property management, and sales/marketing. They work with established financial institutions and architects to build upscale properties that contribute to the community at the same time providing service to their clients. Their partners share their vision and understand that the success of a project depends on providing a quality structure in the most-timely fashion. For more details visit Crunchbase.


One of the most spectacular ventures is The Aspire in New Brunswick NJ. This is a luxury 18 story high rise which opened in 2015. There are 238 units that are either studios or one or two-bedroom apartments that lease for 12-month periods. Tenants have choices of floor plans but the basic amenities of the apartments are the same. Some of the special apartment features are:


  • Oversized windows to provide a city-wide view


  • Wiring for cable and internet service


  • An apartment sized washer and dryer


  • Energy efficient heating and air conditioning


  • Designer kitchens with quartz countertops and GE stainless steel appliances


  • Hardwood floors in the living spaces and wall to wall carpeting in the bedrooms


  • Balconies and terraces



According to Patch, the Aspire also features a number of community amenities. It is a pet friendly, smoke-free building with 24/7 doorman service for controlled access and on-site management. There is a sky / roof deck on the 18th floor, a fitness center, and car parking on an attached deck with direct access to the lobby. There is a spacious clubhouse with a library, dining area, and kitchen. Many of the renters are young professionals who are looking for luxury and convenience. They are getting a bonus with convenience to New Jersey transit and a lively, upcoming neighborhood.


This development and many others are being made possible by partnerships between Boraie Development and a number of celebrities. Shaquille O’Neal is an equity partner in this venture and contributes dollars and design ideas as a way to give back to the city where he grew up. The O’Neal – Sam Boraie connection is one that will develop a number of commercial and residential projects, all in urban areas.



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Sussex Healthcare Offers Training To Entry Level Candidates

Sussex Healthcare is a leader in the treatment of cognitive and neurological disorders. The multi-facility operator meets the complex challenges of running nursing home, and treatment centers designed to ensure 24-hour care.

Staffed personnel are tasked with delivering on the unique care philosophy at the heart of Sussex. Those suffering with dementia, and other physical and mental disabilities can enjoy a sense of well-being. With trained professional specialists in severe personal aid, Sussex’ mission lies not just in treatment but extended care through highly individualized approaches with each resident.

Established History of Healthcare

Since 1985, Sussex Healthcare has been at the cutting edge of rehabilitation and prevention methods to ease the pain certain debilitating conditions. The company has expanded from one center to 20 throughout Sussex area. The International Organization for Standardization certified the company in 2002. In 2005, the company was accredited by The Health Quality Service. Sussex Healthcare employs trained experts effective treatments in hydrotherapy, sensory integration, aromatherapy, and physiotherapy.

Careers and Job Placement at Sussex

The healthcare provider hopes to make an impact by investing extensively in human capital. Great service and great people are apart of a quality strategy that leads to success in fostering talent.

At Sussex, education and training are integral pieces of the puzzle. Training is offered for both entry-level, and management through The Training Academy. Career opportunities come with numerous benefits including but not limited to access to in-house training courses, pension, promotion and advancement, and holiday pay.

Sussex Healthcare current job offerings include Registered Care Home Managers, Domestic Care Assistants, Registered Nurses, Peripatetic Care Home Managers, Physiotherapy Assistants, and more.

Creating Long-Term Plans For Residents

Skilled experts create long-term plans for residents that focus on improvement, prevention, exercise, neurogenesis, strength, brain and body health. Sussex Healthcare also focuses on nutrition as a source of treatment.

Upwork: Creating the Perfect To-Do-List To Finish On Time

Upwork is a platform where many freelancers can accept jobs from clients all around the world. That said, there are some powerful tips to help you sail through your to-do list and meet deadlines for all tasks at hand. Here are a few methods to consider that could surprisingly help you increase your productivity and get jobs done on time.

Capture and write down everything

You probably don’t remember every task that you signed up for and it’s probably good that you don’t. There such a thing as called the GTD method that was created by David Allen. His idea was to discouraged people from taking the time and trying to remember every task that you’ve written down. Instead, he stresses that everyone should simply just write it all down. Why you ask? This is a basic psychological tool or phenomenon that’s known as the Ziegernik Effect. This basically means that an incomplete task will continue to circle around inside your head. When we have these thoughts it makes it more difficult for us to focus on the present tasks at hand and can cause unexpected stress. It’s almost as if your chained down with weights attached to your feet.

Allen pointed out that this is a simple solution when trying to get through your to-do list.

Prepare a list in advance

It’s been noted that our energy is at its all time highest when we wake up in the morning. This is when you want to use those specific hours to finish probably the most important task that you have on your list. If you consider yourself a night owl, it always helps to have a good solid hour of work when you get up in the morning. You want to stay supercharged during the entire day. It’s also a good thing to create your to-do list the night before you go to bed. This allows you to pinpoint what you want to start with when you get up in the morning. This is a great habit to practice and build upon.

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Dr. Saad Saad: Good Advice For The World

Dr. Saad Saad is an accomplished pediatrician and has retired after being in the practice for 47 years. This man has a rich legacy to pass on not just to his children but everyone he touched. Of course, that is not the only thing he passed on. Dr. Saad also gave out some good and genuine advice that we all could strive to live by.


The first piece of advice that Dr. Saad gave out was not to accept anything but the success you are striving for. Born in Palestine in the 1940s, he faced hard times when he and his family were forced to another destination that would take them away from their home. Isreal was becoming a state. The country was taking back their land which forced Dr. Saad’s family to head to the West Bank. His father searched for hours until he found his wife and children after crossing a river to get to them. Dr. Saad’s dad was a petroleum mechanic and decided to move the family to the country of Kuwait. Dr. Saad learned from his father to look at his situation and understand that if he wanted respect, the way to get it is having an education. He wanted his child to pursue a high level of education in order to get out of the circumstances he faced. This was a lesson that resonated with him throughout his life. It had an impact on his career.


After suffering a heat stroke in Kuwait during his younger days, Dr. Saad realized that outdoor labor was not his calling. The summers were very brutal in that country. Only the operating room in the hospital had air-conditioning, which prompted Dr. Saad to become a pediatric surgeon. Staying productive is very important, which is advice number two. Any task that you can do today should not be put off until tomorrow. If you want a strong work ethic and rise higher in what you hope to achieve, it is always good to take care of tasks that need your attention during that time.


Dr. Saad has proven that life does not have to stay hard. Achieving your dreams is possible if you are willing to put in the work. Everyone could learn a lot just from looking at his life. Take Dr. Saad’s advice and apply it. You will be astonished at what you get. Learn more :

Rodrigo Terpins and Why His Leadership and Other Ventures Remain Distinctive

There can be a lot of factors that contribute to the growth of a company or its CEO. Some experts would claim that it is the ability to understand the competition that defines company success. Some would argue it is the ideas and innovation of a company’s CEO. Some would claim it’s passion. Others derive a company’s motivation and growth to its workforce or labor manpower. However, in the case with Rodrigo Terpins’ business success, it is passion for something quite of a deviation from his business success that drives his ventures’ growth. While Terpins is considered a successful business person, he is also successful as a Brazilian rally driver. The unique mix of two industries in his career gives him the drive to further succeed. Check out Terra for more.


In Terpins’ LinkedIn page, people would learn that he’s mainly an investment management officer. He is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and he’s previously worked for the Lojas Marisa company. His education also came from Saint Hilaire, and it is there that he learned how to essentially work with people and build networks that would later on be beneficial to his career.


It can also be said here that he’s the Director of the T5 Participacoes since May 2008 up to today. He was also Operations Director for Lojas Marisa. All of these achievements and positions may have come from the fact that he’s born to lead. However, what most people don’t realize is that Terpins is also a talented race car driver.


With the Bull Sertoes Rally team that he led, he has joined several Sertoes Rally races and has won many of them. Member and directive leader of Bull Sertoes Rally Team, Terpins has lead his team to racing competitions that are almost impossible to win. One of these would be the recent main rally championships in the T1 Prototype Category of the Sertoes Rally franchise.


Terpins’ dedication for the team as well as his dutiful responsiveness to his fellow racers’ professional needs has also shaped his leadership for his racing venture. Being disciplined also plays key. Terpins is also busy in dealing with his main responsibilities as a professional leader. But his sense of discipline lets him find the time to dedicate keen attention to growing his racing team.


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Panelists from Academy of Art University Discuss Clothing Design for Disabled Community

In April, the Academy of Art University held its annual event – the Graduation Fashion Show and Awards Ceremony. The invitation-only event included an honorary doctorate to famed New York-based fashion designer, Andre Walker, among other note-worthy recipients.

The Academy of Art University event was moderated by Assistant Director of Fashion Styling, Flore Morton, who also posed challenging questions to a panel of students and attendees. Those questions were based on whether a good design is determined by accommodating a few people or does it mean designing for various types of people, including those with disabilities.

For most of society, clothing design can be taken for granted; however, for anyone dealing with a disability, there can often be everyday challenges and struggles. Typically, someone who is confined to a wheelchair, or using assistance to walk, will find it cumbersome to navigate certain clothing designs, such as studs, zippers or buttons. Often times, those elements can also cause skin irritations due to a person needing to sit for long lengths of time. The Academy of Art University was established in 1929, and there are over 30 accredited degree programs. In addition, the University offers continuing art education, pre-college art programs, teacher grants, as well as continuing education for professional development. Students are prepared for understanding the needs of today’s business environment.

The open panel discussed topics relating to needing “inclusive” fashion design, in addition to insightful ideas to integrate those changes. The Academy of Art University event was useful for engaging many types of interesting ways to serve those who are managing “mainstream” fashion with their disability. The intent was not to bring an A-list type of clothing design but to cater to a segment of the population that is often over-looked when fashion is designed. The panelist saw the opportunity as a way to take responsibility to seek alternatives and find opportunities to proactively design clothing that will enhance the life of someone dealing with a disability. The Academy of Art University typically has more than 12,000 students enrolled in its programs. Each year, a select number of students are transported by bus from San Fransico to New York in order to attend “Fashion Week” as a learning experience.