OSI Food Solution Acquires Former Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Food Solutions is the largest food processing company in the world. The company has its headquarters in the United States, but its operations are all over the world. In recent years, the company has been focusing on domestic and international expansion. In fact, the last five years have been some of the most successful in the expansion plan of the company. OSI Food Solutions under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, who is the CEO, has been focusing on expansion for the past four decades when he joined the company. He is the longest-serving executive in the firm. He started the global expansion plan, and until today, he is still doing it. When Sheldon was brought into the management of the company, his role was to assist in capitalization and management of the company as it ventured into the international market. Here, we shall look at some of the expansion programs that have been carried out in the last few years.

In the domestic market, OSI Food Solutions bought a food processing plant in Chicago. The plant was formerly owned by Tyson Foods which closed down the business. This is the largest plant that the company has in the United States. The plant measures 200,000 square feet which is ample space to accommodate the growing production needs of the company in North America. Demand for products have been going up in recent years, and there has been a cause of alarm to the company. It has been forced to take measures that will ensure that they are operating effectively and that they can meet the demands of the Northern America market.

The Tyson Foods plant was originally designed to support the production of poultry products, but this will change with the takeover of OSI food Solutions. They deal with more than just this one product. Among the products that they produce are made from beef and pork.

With the recent development of the company, we are likely to see the company gain more ground in the domestic market. Although it is the biggest company in the world, it is still making its presence felt in more places.


Peter Briger: Managing the Fortress Investment Group as a Co-Principal

Peter Briger is one of the current principals of the Fortress Investment Group, which was recently acquired by the Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group. He has been actively monitoring the company’s progress towards the innovation of their products and services to prove more assistance to the public. Based in the city of San Francisco, he joined the Fortress Investment Group to show the founders that he can also contribute something to the growth of the company. Taking up a degree in economics from some of the most renowned schools around the country, he confidently faced the founders of the Fortress Investment Group and told them that they would need his expertise for the company to grow. The three got impressed with the way Peter Briger answered, and he was hired to join the Fortress Investment Group.

Peter Briger has been working closely with other executives who are managing the company. They have been discussing things left and right, and they are also consulting each other’s knowledge to determine what they can do to keep the company as one of the best private equity group in the country. Peter Briger considers that his decision to join the Fortress Investment Group is a good idea because he was exposed to a massive number of financial information that would make him a better businessman. Peter Briger is also one of those who voted to the company be put on sale to the public as an IPO.

In February 2007, the Fortress Investment Group was finally introduced to the public, and the audience was allowed to buy stocks from the company. The Fortress Investment Group sees this opportunity as a stepping stone on how they could become one of the greatest investment companies in the country. The Fortress Investment Group faced another crisis a year after they debuted at the New York Stock Exchange, because of the global recession that affected a lot of countries. Despite the mounting problems, Briger and his colleagues managed to provide solutions to the challenges that have been left out other leaders who have no concern for their surroundings. A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

A Closer Look at GreenSky Credit and Founder David Zalik

David Zalik is a college dropout, and a billionaire. The CEO of GreenSky Credit found a niche lending market that offers loans to people for home improvement projects. Zalik offers cheap financing with a very simple application process. In a manner of seconds, customers can find out if they are not just preapproved for financing, but receive a full approval. Zalik does not charge any interest or require any payments for the first 12 months of the loan.

GreenSky Credit is a $3.6 billion company. The business model is simple, match consumers with banks offering home improvement loans. In 2016, the Atlanta-based company ranked third in overall value when compared to other finance-related tech companies who receive venture capital and remain private. The only two fintech companies that came in ahead of Zalik and his company at the time were SoFi and Stripe.

Zalik moved from Israel to the U.S. with his family when he was just four. Zalik did not attend high school and was once enrolled at Auburn University. Zalik left Auburn to put his attention to a computer-related company he created. Zalik is on the radar of many media outlets, but he eludes almost any attention that comes his way. He rarely answers any emails, phone calls or any other communication from any media-related agency. When Bloomberg interviewed him on Aug. 31, 2016, it was his first interview.

Although the attention is tough to avoid, Zalik formed partnerships with well-known banks such as Fifth Third Bancorp and SunTrust. In 2016, Fifth Third bought a $50 million stake in GreenSky Credit. Unlike chief rivals such as Lending Club, whose stock has plummeted nearly 80 percent since its high in 2014, Zalik and GreenSky Credit seem to have found a niche market, and the company is receiving high praise form fintech insiders.


The RealReal Really is That Good

The RealReal is a modern day consignment store that sells brand name goods. The idea was brought to life as a startup by Julie Wainwright in 2011, but has grown to become the popular brick and mortar store that it is today. The winning idea has now spiraled into an mobile application that individuals flock to daily to sell and purchase luxurious items, without leaving the comfort of their homes.

With the growth of the RealReal company and mobile application, the buzz has reached social media and earned them over 127 thousand followers on popular platforms like Instagram. The authentic quality of the items posted for sale are very evident, especially through the vivid postings on their instagram account.

The account portrays luxury, especially a square faced Cartier watch that was posted recently and received over 500 likes and one follower even commented that the brown leather strap watch with gold accents and a square face is her dream watch. Another post of a pair of green and gold Gucci brand sandal heels were highlighted and the admiration was endless from followers. The video of the Gucci shoes received over 8,000 likes from admirers and comments praising the color combination and unique styling. Another, features a 3D black and gold, shape holding Prada brand bag that was posted recently and the praise was overwhelming. Followers from everywhere couldn’t reserve their comments in total admiration for the styling and quality of the bag.

The luxury filled site highlights different product offerings that are styled and placed strategically to be visually appealing and attractive to followers and users. There’s no denying the superior quality of the postings and the even better nature of the products that are featured, which is a direct reflection of the wonderful quality of the company.

The Secret Behind Nick Vertucci’s Success.

Success does not belong to the faint-hearted: it belongs to those who perceive failure as an opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Importance of mentorship in the industry

Mentorship is necessary for real estate business. Most real estate investors need training on how to use challenges in real estate to their advantage.

Real estate, as a business, goes beyond developing land or buying and selling the property. It involves making strategic investment decisions.

The investor has to decide when, where, and how to invest. There is a defined set of rules, regulations, and procedures that govern real estate business. Failure to adhere to any of them can land you in serious problems legally and commercially.

Nick Vertucci’s take on real estate

Meet Nick Vertucci, a real estate mogul and owner of one of the largest real estate training centers.

The academy christened Nick Vertucci Real Estate, has branches across the United States.

Nick Vertucci named this institution after himself, not for selfish reasons, but hoping the academy would teach what he values most at heart, gaining financial freedom.

He hopes to make as many people as possible aware of how they can gain financial independence by avoiding the pitfalls he and other successful real estate entrepreneurs have undergone.

NVREA’s goal in the industry

The academy aims to train potential investors on how to identify the best properties and turn them into sources of wealth.

Nick’s advice to industry rookies

According to Nick Vertucci, “The past does not determine your future.” He grew up in a loving family. His parents were not that well off, but they struggled to ensure Nick and his siblings gained necessities. He says that it all starts when you are uncomfortable.

The Controversial Presidential Pardon of a Disgraceful Leader- Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio’s pardon by president Trump stands out as one of the most disputable presidential pardons in America’s history. The self-proclaimed toughest sheriff in America served at the Maricopa County, Arizona.

His tenure was marked by wicked acts and oppressive leadership that saw two renowned journalists known as Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin unfairly imprisoned.

The two were captured under mysterious circumstances over a decade ago in Maricopa County. The agents from the Selective Enforcement Unit from Maricopa County arrested Lacey and Larkin from their homes in Phoenix, Arizona under the instructions of Joe Arpaio. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/23/jim-larkin-michael-lacey-make-the-list-of-civil-rights-protectors/ and http://reporterexpert.com/sheriff-arpaios-2017-criminal-conviction-clash-michael-lacey-jim-larkin/

Further, the two journalists were allegedly imprisoned due to the charges pressed against them of exposing details concerning investigations of the grand-jury.

At the time, both journalists were working with a local newspaper that was known as the Village Voice Media where Larkin served as the executive editor while Larkin was the CEO.

On the day of their arrest, the Village Voice Media had publicized on issues surrounding the investigation of the grand jury. The grand jury had been investigating on the newspaper as Joe Arpaio had grown increasingly frustrated due to the extensive coverage of the publication on his rule at Maricopa.

About Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio, an 85-year-old sheriff had served in the Maricopa County for 24 years after winning six consecutive elections since 1992. According to Michael Lacey and his colleague Jim Larkin, his term in office was one that was full of clear abuse of office. He mistreated immigrants, women, and inmates from Tent City which was on many occasions highlighted by the several publications.

What’s more, Joe Arpaio had in several instances been warned on the legally admissible issues that had been raised but did not change. An example is where a judge by the name Murray Snow informed Arpaio that it was unnecessary to detain immigrants on the grounds of being a suspect which still were ignored by the sheriff. Read more: Michael Lacey | LinkedIn and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Furthermore, Joe Arpaio continued with the oppressive rule until the situation was highlighted by the journalists who included Lacey and Larkin. They propelled the news to reach a wider audience as they exposed about the intolerable leadership of Arpaio to the U.S. public which led to their arrest during a time when only their publication was reporting about Arpaio.

On the contrary, their arrest helped in the national coverage of the sheriff’s malpractices as the local media shifted its focus on the ongoing about the journalists’ imprisonment which saw their release.

About Lacey and Larkin’s Background Career

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were university students from the Arizona State University in the early 70s. They dropped out to join a publication that was known as the Phoenix New Times before establishing their own paper, the New Times.

They were passionate journalists and their publication continued to do well over the years where they eventually covered Arpaio’s rule which led to their arrest.

Nevertheless, they were both released after 24 hours and filled a lawsuit against Arpaio for wrongly arresting them and were awarded $ 3.75 million in 2013. Equally important, the money received by the two was used to start the Lacey & Larkin Frontera fund for helping the Latin- American individuals in the State of Arizona.

Jeremy Goldsteins Knowledge And Insights Have Placed Him On The Path To Success

Jeremy Goldstein is a partner in an exclusive law firm. Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is committed to advising management teams, compensation and business committees and CEO’s in matters of executive compensation and corporate governance.

These are issues specifically arising due to numerous sensitive issues as well as the context for transformative business events.

Jeremy Goldstein serves the Sub-Committee of Mergers and Acquisitions for the Business Section of the American Bar Association as the Chairman. During the last decade, he has been responsible for the majority of the large corporate deals.

He is additionally one of the United States leading attorneys for executive compensation. Jeremy Goldstein began his education at the New York University where he earned his J.D. He also attended the University of Chicago and Cornell University where he earned his M.A.

Jeremy Goldstein decided to open a law firm due to the talk regarding executive compensation in governance circles about ten years ago. He watched numerous consulting firms leave the larger organizations.

This was when he decided the market place needed a law firm in this sector. His work involves advising clients regarding their careers and their pay. He spends a lot of his time drafting, negotiating and advising. This requires dedication to his work. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: https://www.avvo.com/attorneys/10019-ny-jeremy-goldstein-978103.html#client_reviews and https://www.slideshare.net/JeremyGoldstein14/22nd-annual-naspp-presentation-2014

Advocates for shareholder rights have gained numerous governance modifications since the last millennium. Jeremy Goldstein believes this has made the worlds of executive compensation governance and general governance much more stable.

This has enabled executives, companies and committees to concentrate on driving corporate performance instead of being concerned about new rules for the best practice. He believes this has led to many thoughtful discussions regarding performance, strategy and linking pay.

Jeremy Goldstein believes an attorney must know their clients to be able to provide good advice. He puts in the effort to first develop and then maintain his relationships with his clients. He talks to them on a regular basis even if no active matters are present. He sees them both professionally and socially when possible.

He has learned to view any setback as an opportunity. He said some of the worst things that ever occured in his life turned out to be some of the best possible situations.

Jeremy Goldstein believes new technology should be pursued aggressively. He also feels it is important to have an interest in people.

This means calling, keeping in touch, following up or sending an email. He believes if people are aware he is interested they will ask him for advice.

Global CEO Lori Senecal’s Career Highlights

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B and is in charge of running the entire marketing firm. She is also responsible for the overall growth and expansion of the company as well. Lori oversees the 10 international office locations and focuses on continuing to develop the firm as a top marketing company in the global marketplace. Since 2015 when she joined the firm, Lori has been able to make a very significant impact on both the business operations and the overall company culture. She has helped make the firm into a modern day global advertising agency that has proven to be among the most inventive in the industry. It is also known to be very flexible as well collaborative with clients and vendors. Global has been able to offer both consistency in international markets and strong market innovation with Lori as the CEO.


Under the leadership of Lori Senecal, the firm has been able to focus on talent and establish a highly entrepreneurial spirit. With this approach, Global has been recognized as one of the Creativity Innovators of the Year in 2017. In 2016, Lori was named as one of the top four Agency Executives to Watch. Over the most recent years, Lori has been named as among the AdWeek’s Power 100 executives. This recognizes the top leaders in media, marketing and technology. Fast Company honored Lori for her leadership in revolutionizing the future of business in the advertising industry. She was also named one of the Most Creative People in Business for the year 2017.


Bloomberg reveals that before Lori joined CP+B, she was the Global Chairman and CEO of the company KBS. While working at this firm, she helped grow the company from a 250 employee domestic company to an international firm with over 900 employees. The firm also became known as one of the Best Places to Work in New York City. It was also named as one of the Standout Agencies on Advertising Age for three straight years. She was also named Women to Watch in 2013 along with being honored at the AWNY game Changer Awards. According to Media Post, at this event, she would receive the Quantum Leap award for both innovation and leadership.





Whitney Wolfe Empathise’s With Men And Feelings Of Rejection

In this society, men are expected to make the moves when it comes to everything. They are also expected to initiate everything when it comes to dating. This is one thing that is made even more apparent in online dating. However, Whitney Wolfe has seen that this is not doing much good for women. This is one of the inspirations for Bumble.

However, it is not just women that Whitney Wolfe wanted to change the dating market. She has also wanted to help men because they have a lot of struggles when it comes to dating. Therefore, Bumble was a way to take some of the pressure off of men.

Read more on Techcrunch.com

One thing that men often complain about is how hard it is to get a date. They have many theories on this. One of the most popular theories is that women have been more picky about the looks of their men when it comes to online dating. This is one of the reasons why they can’t get a date. Another theory that people say is that women have so many options and get flooded with messages. However, a lot of men believes that it inflates the egos of women.

The truth is that it does little to the egos of women. Instead, women get overwhelmed and freeze because they do not know who to pick. Also, she knows that the idea of men making the first move is tiring to some men, especially those who get rejected a lot. One thing that Whitney Wolfe has a talent for is looking at the absurdity of the rules. One thing that she notices is that women are encouraged to get their dream job, but are discouraged from making the first move on the man they like. Whitney Wolfe is working very hard in establishing equality.

Check more about Whitney Wolfe: https://patch.com/texas/across-tx/buzzing-feminism-whitney-wolfe-herds-journey-queen-bee

The Fortress Investment Group Buyout and Investment Strategies

In one of the most anticipated investment deals of 2017, the New York based private equity firm Fortress Investment Group LLC has been acquired by a highly diversified Japanese conglomerate in a transaction worth $3 billion. According to Bloomberg the Fortress specializes in buyout, turnarounds and recapitalization. Its investments are targeted at insurgent sectors such as real estate, healthcare, energy, transportation and loan servicing and consumer finance. The executive honchos of the Fortress Investment Group are the Co-Founder and Principal, Wesley Edens; Co-Founder, Director and Principal, Randal Nardone and Co-CEO and Principal, Peter Briger. The other ranking executives in the company include Chief Financial Officer, Daniel Bass and Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer of Credit Funds, Marc Furstein. The takeover of the Fortress Investment Group by SoftBank follows the latter’s declaration to expand its investment portfolio in line with its long term commitment to invest its hard earned resources on technologies and businesses that will take the information revolution to the next phase.

To this end, the company has so far committed more than $90 billion. In a report published by leading press release distribution company, Business Wire on December 27, 2017, SoftBank Group Corp (SBG) completed a cash acquisition of Fortress for $3.3 billion. Following the closure, all Fortress Class A shares were converted to $8.08 right to receive shares. The distribution of the merger proceeds will be done in accordance with the Fortress Definitive Proxy outlines and the previously signed Merger Agreement.Fortress Investment Group will hence operate as an independent entity and maintain its head offices in New York, the world’s financial capital. The three principals of Fortress, Wes, Pete and Randy will continue to hold their executive briefs in Fortress. SoftBank’s large portfolio of companies’ spans several sectors, including internet services, IoT, telecommunications, and smart robotics. Founded in 1998, Fortress Investment Group core competencies remain capital markets, operations management, industry knowledge, corporate M&A and Asset based management.

According to Fortress, the firm overseas assets valued at $43 billion under its management. The assets are in the form of credit Hedge Funds, Permanent Capital Vehicles, Private Equity and Credit Private Equity. The company recently added Asset based Income Fund and Intellectual Property Fund as part of its investment mainstay.Fortress uses its vast knowledge of industries to help clients choose the best investment portfolios and its operations management tools and experience to help clients assess operational, strategic and structural challenges. Using its understanding of corporate mergers and acquisition, Fortress has worked alongside many stakeholders, management boards to execute many successful investment strategies and restructuring efforts. The firm also boasts considerable expertise in capital markets. The Fortress capital markets experts are well-versed with crucial elements such as low risk financing and low cost investment strategies as analyzed through equity and debt capital markets assessment. The firm overseas assets on behalf of over 1,700 institutional clients and private investors spread all across the world. Fortress is also committed to maintaining the lead in corporate governance practices and policies.