OSI Group: Expanding Its Operations Beyond Chicago

International expansion is a vital strategy for various food as well as beverage companies that look forward to growing their bottom lines. Since there are fewer opportunities to expand America’s market share, overseas markets provide various opportunities with the increasing average population that is thirsty for high-quality products. Nevertheless, with expansion comes various risks including policies stipulated in every state, supply chain, and disruptions. Identifying and analyzing these risk factors of global expansion in food production and supply can determine the overall success of an organization. As portrayed by OSI Group, global expansion is one of the leading strategies that food production companies should delve into in search for success.

OSI Group started as a small butcher shop in Chicago when Otto Kolschowksy the founder had just moved to the city. He was one of the immigrants who made up one-quarter of the town’s population at that moment. Since the city was known as the primary business center in which many immigrants established their businesses, it also became the entry point for significant business professionals who aspired to grow their brands. After settling in Chicago, Otto Kolschowsky penetrated Maywood with his business. Many people knew him as the man who supplied high-quality meat and animal protein products. He also developed an excellent reputation as one of the best entrepreneurs in the city. Mr. Kolschowsky would later introduce his sons to the business. They served as project managers in charge of general operations.

Over the years, OSI Group adopted technology thereby launching various branches in the city and across the country. It also hired executive leaders such as Sheldon Lavin who joined the firm as the CEO. Lavin has since contributed to the development of the company by initiating various projects such as the acquisition of Dutch-based Baho Food, which added to the expansion of the brand in Germany. The food manufacturing facility has five affiliates including Gelderland Frischwarenm and Q Smart Life. OSI Group is now one of the high-quality food providers in the world. It boasts of having more than 20,000 employees and about 65 facilities in 17 countries.

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