Matt Badiali Explains What Freedom Checks Are

Investment expert and economist Matt Badiali have had Americans scratching their heads in a viral video he released pertaining a new investment instrument. The instrument dubbed “Freedom Checks” is something unique. Most people don’t know about investment and believe you me many people would like to know what they are. If you think the government’s Medicare, Social Security or 401(k) is the real deal, then freedom checks are a better deal than all of them. Freedom checks can be three to four times the size of average social security payments. The good thing about them is also the fact that they do not have income or age restrictions in order to collect them. The company’s which can issue these freedom checks can operate tax-free under “Statue 26-F”. However, they must meet these two conditions: 90% of their revenue must be based on production, processing, transportation of oil and gas in the United States.

They must agree to issue these lucrative checks to its shareholders. To start with, Matt Badiali stumbled on this concept while traversing the world in an effort to find new discoveries, technologies, and trends in natural resources. It is during this project that Matt came to know of the Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), a select group of 568 firms that are authorized to issue the checks. This 568 group of companies meet Statue 26-F and were enacted in 1987 to legally issue the checks. This group of companies explores new oil and gas fields and transport oil and gas though vast pipeline networks. They also refine oil and gas from the Marcellus Shale, Permian Shale, Bakken Shale, and other key oil and gas fields in the United States. The major aspect of these companies is that they must pay 90% of their income to its investors.

This payment is what is referred to as freedom Checks. MLPs monthly or quarterly payments are called “distributions”. These distributions are equivalent to the traditional company stock dividends. MLPs are treated as a return of capital rather than income and thus are exempted from income taxes. In case one opts to sell their MLP investment, profits from such a sale are taxable at the lower capital gains percentage rate. For investors who want to get their checks, buying MLPs is just as easy as buying shares. Payments can also be received through the mail or deposited directly to the investor’s brokerage account. According to Matt, the distributions are commonly in sizable amounts. He points out that these checks do pay twice or thrice the amount paid by conservative investment instruments.

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