Josh Verne on Succeeding in the Business of Life

Josh Verne believes that succeeding in life and in business is all about coming to the realization that we are the biggest impediments of our success. Here we examine what Josh Verne feels are some of the key ingredients to success in life and business. The lessons seem ridiculously simple, yet they are essential.


In management people are either leaders or bosses. Bosses are more about what they want and they are difficult, authoritative and demanding. A leader on the other hand will earn respect from his followers and subordinates. The leader does this by putting others before himself and in so doing he achieves his goals and aspirations.


Win-Win Situation


In life like in business always strive for a win-win. A win for you and the clients should be a win for your employees as well. When you stop settling for situations that are to your disadvantage, you will be programmed to always look for the best solutions in all problems.


Listening Skills


It takes a lot of skill to learn to listen to others especially when you are in a position of leadership. In life and in business, we do well to listen more than we speak. Speaking less gives your words authority when you finally get to speak. Use your words sparingly and listen to others more.


Balance in Life


Balance is everything in life. If you are too preoccupied with work, you neglect your family. If you are always at home, you lose the opportunity to work. If schooling runs your life, you lose your balance. Balance your life by having a little of social, professional, academic and spiritual encounters.


Your Passion


Find out what it is in life that makes you want o skip parties, work late and wake up early. What makes you wake up with fire in your belly daily should be sought seriously. When you discover this, you are going to go places in life and in business.


Josh Verne


Josh, Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas founded in 2012 to offer financing, zero percent, through instalment payments. Josh is presently the CEO of Flocku, a peer to peer mobile exchange for students, is a platform to watch, read and share things.

With over 20 years’ experience in starting businesses and growing them to sell them later, Josh worked as co-president of Home Line Furniture before starting workspays. me. Jose is sought after by leaders and upcoming business personalities for help and leadership on how to start and grow an enterprise.


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