Jeff Herman Supports N.Y. Senate Child Victims Act

Attorney Jeff Herman is an advocate for survivors of sexual violence. At the center of his advocacy is justice for the survivors and a reduction of the trauma they experience. In most instances, survivors are stunned into silence because sexual predation occurs in secret and survivors often blame themselves for the abuse. Survivors suffer psychological, emotional, and physical effects from the experience. Jeff Herman is committed to being the “voice for victims.”
A problem confronting survivors that impedes their healing, are laws that are too lax making it difficult to punish offenders. Consequently, throughout the United States, state legislators are passing statutes to strengthen laws that punish sexual predators. In the State of New York, legislators are trying to bring legislation to the floor of the State Senate that would eliminate the statute of limitations in child sexual abuse cases and extend the window for bringing cases for litigation from one year to 50 years.

The law New York is trying to pass is the Child Victims Act (S.809). Brad Hoylman, a Democratic State Senator from Manhattan, sponsors the bill. Victims of child sexual abuse come from every race, color, creed, and socioeconomic status and it should not be a partisan issue. Nevertheless, Democratic legislators are getting pushback from their Republican colleagues who fear a flood of lawsuits would ensue overwhelming the courts.

The coalition of legislators trying to get the bill passed received a boost from two high-profile individuals who have joined the cause to get the legislation passed. Actor Corey Feldman and Sarah Powers-Barnhard, a member of the Team USA volleyball team are lending their celebrity to the cause. Feldman said, “I am blessed to be in this. I hope my presence will bring new opportunities. When it comes to child abuse, there is no way to get that light back.” Sarah Powers-Barnhard is an abuse survivor, so her advocacy is personal as well.

Attorney Jeff Herman and his team of dedicated and compassionate attorneys understand the trauma of sexual abuse and fully support legislators in their efforts to protect victims of sexual assault.

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