InnovaCare Health Under Rick Shinto Proceeds To Ranks Among Leading Healthcare Services Providers

Healthcare is an industry that has seen many changes and several companies that invested in this domain well have managed to reap great benefits while enhancing access to services. Companies like InnovaCare Health embraced some changes recently and surprisingly started to grow. There are many challenges that occur in the industry and only those companies that are structured well are able to overcome these problems. InnovaCare Health has in the last five years grown to attain its goal of becoming a leading physician practice services provider.


Under proper leadership and focused professionals, the company was able to beat odds and to overcome the many challenges that put a stop to the progress of a business. The first challenge the leaders had to address was the quality of services and the mode of delivery. Rick Shinto leads a team of professionals who took part in the reconstruction of the company to offer it a chance to perform better than before. He is a professional whose profile has grown over the years due to the many successes he recorded. Check out



About Rick Shinto

Before diving into InnovaCare Health deeper, it is also vital to know about their CEO, Rick Shinto. When he was appointed to lead the company, there were no set structures to address challenges and this is a problem he had to work on quickly. Since 2012, he has managed to transform the company to make it one of the most preferred providers of managed healthcare services.


Rick Shinto took part in the development of a new service delivery system and he continued his legacy that he began building while he was working with companies like NAMM California and Aveta Inc. He has been getting support from Penelope, who is the current Chief Administrative Officer. They both worked at Aveta and due to cooperation and understanding, they have been offering InnovaCare Health unique services meant to reinforce good performance. You can visit



About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a leading managed healthcare provider that has been serving the residents of Puerto Rico. The company was established more than 10 years ago but its moment of success came after 2012 when Rick Shinto took over the mantle of leadership. InnovaCare Health offers high quality managed healthcare services and has been in the forefront working with leading institutions to make healthcare provision easy and beneficial to all users. It has some of the most experienced professionals, which is also the reason they have managed to grow so big within just five years.



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