ClassDojo and the Mindset for Growth

If there is one thing that influences success, it is the mindset. People who have what is known as a growth mindset are more likely to succeed in their pursuits. The ClassDojo critters are teaching people about the mindset that will take children far. The two critters go by the name of Mojo and Katie. They are reminiscent of characters from Pixar’s “Inside Out”. They are actually the star of animated shorts that have been put together by ClassDojo. Teachers and students are coming to understand what the “growth mindset”. This is one of the most innovative ways of thinking that allow room for mistakes as well as other aspects of learning.

While the newer company by the name of ClassDojo is promoting the “growth mindset” it is far from a new idea. The academic industry has been dealing with the concept for a while. In fact, Carol Dweck is one of the vocal supporters of this mindset. Among the topics that he talks about which are related to the “growth mindset” is how adults can get the children to learn. There is work being done in order to find a way to make it work well.

Among the things that people are learning about the growth mindset is the difference between working hard and working smart. A lot of people have the mindset that it is about persistence and effort. ClassDojo is trying to teach some better ways to achieve goals. There is an importance to strategy when it comes to using effort. For one thing, one does not always make a successful life through just hard work. While people are going to struggle in their learning, it is almost pointless to keep banging the head against a wall for a solution is ill-advised according to ClassDojo.

ClassDojo is getting ready to bring some significant changes to the education industry. Students and teachers will learn valuable lessons for their own lives. Students will walk away from school with better skills that could translate to their careers and their daily life. They will know how to live a productive life with the help of ClassDojo.


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