The Past and Future of The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers isn’t just a simple electronic music band. It is one of the fastest growing names in the electro music industry.

The Chainsmokers was born from a pair of DJs named Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who were already enthusiasts of the profession way before they met each other.

Alex Pall, living in New York, was already performing around the New York City when he was approached by his manager and got presented to Taggart.

Alex Pall had a stable job and liked working as a DJ at bars and events as a side job, but nothing serious. It was only in an art gallery that he realized that the electronic music was everything he could think about.

Andrew Taggart came from the same background. He loved what was commonly referred to as “Dance Music” way before it was a thing before the famous artists of the industry were popular.

Andrew Taggart also liked working as a DJ as a hobby, but, instead of performing like Alex, Taggart enjoyed composing with friends and alone and posting his creations on SoundCloud, where he had a small but loyal legion of fans that really enjoyed his productions and told him that he had the talent to become significant.

It didn’t take too long for the manager of both artists to realize the potential that they had to work as a duo, partners of the same band. When they got introduced by the producer to each other, they quickly took a liking of each other’s story, and began chatting about their love for the genre and how much they were willing to work hard for their dream.

The Chainsmokers was born in 2008, after an intense period of composing, learning, testing and reproducing. Both were amateurs, but they quickly became outstanding in their craft. The first songs produced under the name of the Chainsmokers quickly received wild attention from fans of the genre.

Their first EP was called “Bouquet,” with the tracks “New York City,” “Until you were gone,” “Roses” and other titles. It wasn’t until their next single, however, that they got massive popularity. “Don’t Let Me Down,” which is still one of their most famous titles, sold millions of copies and was a success worldwide.

Unique Makeup Hacks With Wengie

When it comes to makeup hacks, nobody does it better than Wengie. She has recently scoured the internet and racked her brains to come up with 17 makeup hacks, tips, and tricks. She wanted to find things that people have never seen before and compile them in an easy and helpful list. The best part is that they are all super simple! Anyone can do them and chances are they have the necessary ingredients and materials around their house.


Wengie loves her fake eyelashes. What she doesn’t love is how they get stuck in such odd places all over her house! Anyone who’s ever worn these knows what it’s like to wake up with eyelashes on a pillow. Therefore, Wengie discovered the genius hack of keeping fake eyelashes in a medicine pill container. There’s a space for each day of the week and even days and nights. That way eyelashes aren’t only stored safely, they are also stored in an easy to follow way.


Many people struggle with shaping their eyebrows. Wengie even does sometimes too! That’s why she discovered the many purposes of a set square from Geometry. No longer is it just for math, it can be used to shape the perfect eyebrow by lining it up from nose to eye. It helps to create a smooth look in the best part is that with some adjusting of the wrist, longer or shorter brows can be created.


Wengie loves her bright lipstick. It’s hard to find lipstick however that glides smoothly, lasts the day and eliminates lip wrinkles. That was until she discovered lipstick with built in primer. The primer helps lip color to look flawless!


Any woman who’s ever worn perfume knows just how frustrating it is that the fragrance doesn’t last! A container of vaseline is all you need for a long-lasting scent. Rub the vaseline on and then spray the perfume. This will help to hold the scent and also moisturize skin because perfume likes to dry out the skin.


These are just a few of the hacks done by Wengie. For all 17, visit her youtube video and learn more.