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Talk Fusion recently launched their video chat product which on August 2015 received an honor for 2016 communications solutions products of the year awards given by the Technology Marketing Corporations; this was their second award this year for the integrated media giant. The Communications Solutions products of the year awards mainly focus on and honor outstanding goods and services that make easy chats, voice, video communications as well as data that are new in the communication industry or have made improvements for the past one year.

The Chief Executive Officer of TMC, Rich Tehrani said that it was a great pleasure and honor to give the award to the winning organization. Rich mentioned that Talk Fusion is a symbol of a real leader in the communication Industry, and the award represents the best of the best in the communication market today.

Talk Fusion Video allows the user to communicate face-to –face with anyone on any device including desktop, tablet, or even smartphones, a technology that has been enabled by the WebRTC technology. The organization has availed their video chat product on Google play store and even iTunes. Bob Rena is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion, and he said that their video chat product is just the beginning of improving the communication technology as their Information Technology team has plans for their all-in-one market solution shortly. The communication company believes that it is all about staying ahead of the technology.

Mr. Ryan, who is the Chief Technical Officer of Talk Fusion, sees the double honor as preparations for bigger goals in the future. Ryan said that the award is a clear indication of how significant their processes are in the creation of an outstanding application, and he also trusts that it is priceless. Talk Fusion has toped-up a free trial, launched a new site, and its WebRTC recorder on top of the second recognition.

Talk Fusion can well be described as the home of all-in-one video marketing solutions. The organization was founded n 2007 b y Bob Reina who is the Chief Executive Office with the primary purpose of assisting enterprises to stand out from the completion. The company’s products and services are marketed face-to-face by self-governing acquaintances, and they are distributed to more than 140 countries in the world. Talk Fusion does not only provide communication products and services, but it is also involved in the community activities by giving back to the society.

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Impressing Customers With WebRTC Recorder

The PR Newswire reported the story about Talk Fusion and the launching of their new product. They found a much faster way for their customers. Impressing customers with cutting-edge new products and features that foster better communication. The WebRTC Recorder has been launched and has created a much faster way for every customer. Allowing the WebRTC to do the work for them is impressive.

Faster Playback and More
What can the WebRTC Recorder actually do and accomplish? Every user can expect instant recording with a much faster playback and seamless synchronization. Talk Fusion has created a wonderful user experience. Expect extremely high-quality and rich communications applications. Advanced technology fosters superior communication from Talk Fusion. Existing customers already have access to numerous benefits of the WebRTC Recorder if they are using Firefox and Chrome browsers. This new feature can be used right away. The existing customers can start using this exciting feature by picking Video Email or they can pick Video Newsletters. This will go through the Talk Fusion Dashboard. Then the “wecam” recording option will need to be clicked.

Customers Are Offered a Free Trial
Any company, person, or charity is offered a 30 day Free Trial. This trial is an opportunity to experience the fastest and easiest way to send and record Video Newsletters and Video Emails. These may be sent to family, donors, customers, and to friends. This trial allows anyone to sign up with a risk-free option. This can be done on Talk Fusion’s website. There is no need for a credit card because this is a free trial for 30 days. No strings attached.

A Video Marketing Solution
Talk Fusion is a Video Marketing Solution. They are dedicated to assisting every business. Any business can stand apart from their competition. This can be done by the following:
* increasing profits
* increasing sales
* keep customers engaged and returning
Talk Fusion takes pride in providing methods for making marketing much more memorable, persuasive, and engaging. This is done with the use of video.