How Dr. Scott Rocklage helps small business be the best that they can be


Dr. Scott Rocklage is not like your average venture capitalist and startup investor. He doesn’t come from a strictly financial background, instead, he brings over 30 years of healthcare industry expertise to better help his company 5AM Ventures identify the best small startups in the medical field.

After having joined the company in 2003 the company has seen incredible success investing in dozens of innovative medical technology startups.

With over 30 patents under his belt in more than 100 peer-reviewed publications issued to date, Dr. Rocklage has a proven history when it comes to the development of new medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

After having done all this on his own, he realized just how many excellent ideas out there were not being recognized and not being sufficiently invested in. This is why his work at 5AM ventures is so important to him.

In addition to his work as an investor, he helps his companies do the best they can be by serving as a consultant. His experience has taught him many things which he now shares with the companies he invested.

Most notably, he lets clients know that they should not be afraid of measured risk-taking. He believes that individuals control their own future, and just like any other science you can be nearly certain of the outcome with the right data and measurement.

He finds that medical scientists forget the state of driven approach out of fear for the unknown reality of business when they had nothing to fear in the first place. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

He also encourages business owners to think carefully about the people that use to work with. He believes that most of his missed opportunities where the result of not working with another person.

At the same time, he emphasizes that people have a certain fundamental nature that is hard to change; entrepreneur should not expect an employee or partner to change, even in the face of criticism or performance review.

When stuck with a difficult partner, it is often best that does entrepreneur moves on and separates from this partnership.

Dr. Rocklage and the companies he invested have shown proven success time and time again under these rules. Even if your business is not in the medical field, it’s safe to say that these rules can guide you all the same.

Talos Energy

There is good news coming from the petroleum industry in Mexico. The Mexican government has opened the doors of oil exploration to private industry. This is something that has not happened since 1938. The three companies given permission to start drilling are Talos Energy LLC, Sierra OIL & Gas and Premier Oil PLC. These three companies started drilling on the Surresta Basin off the coast of Tabasco on the 21st of May, 2017. The project is expected to cost approximately $16 million and take three months to complete.
Why is this a big news for the oil industry? There are two reasons. The petroleum business has been a tightly held, state-owned enterprise for nearly 80 years in Mexico. The result of this approach is that the oil and gas industry in Mexico found itself in financial difficulties, forcing them to open the doors to private investment. Something nobody thought would happen. Second, the area where the three companies have been given permission to drill, the Suresta basin, has large reserves of petroleum. There is at least a 100 million barrels of oil and at the top end, there could be as much as 500 million barrels.
Talos Energy
Talos Energy is a private equity-backed oil and gas exploration company based in Houston, Texas. Started by Tim Duncan, Talos Energy with 600 million in equity, the firm has experience extracting oil in the Gulf of Mexico. In fact, last year they oversaw the drilling of a well in the Gulf that is producing around 16,000 barrels a day. Talos’s stake in the Suresta Basin venture is 35%.
What makes Talos Energy different from other oil companies is its work culture. Since the company is not publicly owned, it runs more like a small family where all its members are made to feel like they have a stake in its success. Profits are shared with all its employees, from the receptionist to executives. This approach seems to be working because the proof is in the pudding, as the saying goes. Talos Energy has been named best place to work for the past four years by WorkplaceDynamics, a respected rating company.

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How Cancer Treatment Centers Of America Helped A Patient Needing a Rare Dual Transplant

Chris Piazzi is the President of Mundelein Community Bank as well as the Chairman of the College of Lake County Foundation Board. After suffering from a rare liver disease he was informed that the only way to save his life was by performing a dual transplant involving both his liver and kidney. The surgery was performed at one of the hospitals that make up the Cancer Treatment Centers of America organization and it saved his life.
Now that he has recovered, a Golf Classic is being held in June in his honor by the CLC Foundation Board. Proceeds from this event will be used to fulfill the foundation’s mission to support individuals seeking further education. When talking about the upcoming event, Chris Piazzi said that he himself received an education in how fleeting life is due to his disease and surgery and how he felt blessed to be alive.
According to Wikipedia, Cancer Treatment Centers of America was established in 1988 by Richard Stephenson. He watched his own mother die of cancer and saw that there were limited treatment options available to people. The organization now has five hospitals in the network, each in a different region of the United States. These hospitals are fully accredited including by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.
By using the latest technology at its hospitals and skilled physicians, Cancer Treatment Centers of America effectively treats patients suffering from cancer with individualized treatment regimens. They also help people manage the side-effects of being treated for cancer which can include physical ailments such as fatigue, pain and nausea, as well as mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. The states their facilities are in include Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, and Illinois. They also offer services internationally including in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East.

Troy McQuagge Wins a Prestigious Professional Excellence Award

USHealth Group Inc. CEO Troy McQuagge was recently named CEO of the Year during the One Planet Awards. This is a prestigious recognition that awards excellence in the corporate world. Corporations across the globe can take part in the awards as long as they submit their nominations. The award recognizes success among public and private entities, and non-profit organizations. It is conferred in different categories including corporate marketing, communication, new services and products, and PR.


McQuagge’s nomination for the prestigious award was heralded by his introduction of effective corporate strategies that have seen USHEALTH Group maintain its dominance in the industry. Since joining the company in 2010, he has made a name for himself by fortifying its distribution agency, US Health Advisors. His efforts to revitalize the once-ailing company saw him appointed USHEALTH Group’s CEO in 2014. His tenure has coincided with massive success and expansion. The company has consequently become one of the most competitive players in the health insurance market.


In his acceptance speech, Troy McQuagge expressed his delight with winning the award. He similarly used the opportunity to retaliate his dedication towards ensuring that health insurance is streamlined. He further stated that the award is a result of team effort and therefore, it belongs to every employee at US Health Group Inc. Winning it is proof that the company’s dedication towards improving healthcare affordability remains unwavering. Mc.Quagge further stated that the company hopes to provide innovative and affordable coverage, which satisfies the demands of the healthcare market.


Mr. McQuagge’s Résumé


Troy serves as the president and chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group Inc. Besides this, he is also a member of the company’s executive board. His rise in the corporate ladder has been meteoric if not spectacular. Before he became the company’s head honcho, Troy was its Chief Marketing Officer and Vice President. During this stint, he helped expand the firm’s market share.


Mr. McQuagge also serves as the president, CEO, and board chairman of Freedom Life Assurance Company, which is a key subsidiary of the USHEALTH Group. The University of Central Florida alumnus began his remarkable career at Allstate Insurance Company in 1983. He served in numerous positions at the firm. It is during this time that his penchant for business efficiency and customer satisfaction was noticed. This saw him ascend to a senior position at the company.


Troy joined United Insurance Company’s student insurance division in 1995 as its president. Under his leadership, the division recorded its highest profits ever. After the company was acquired by private investors and renamed HealthMarkets, Mr. McQuagge was called upon to lead its sales and marketing division. He was appointed company president in 2007. During his first years in charge, the company’s sales exceeded the $1 billion mark. This saw it recognized as the Insurance Sales Organization of the Year.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has A Plan To Help All Women Look Great

There are a lot of women who are coming to the offices of Dr. Jennifer Walden to see what can be done about their bodies, and they will get a consultation with the people in the office about what can be done with their bodies. They can all see what their best option is, and they will get help from the people in the office based on what their personal needs are. There are some things that women might not be aware of, and they also need to be sure that they have the options that they are looking for.

Dr. Jennifer talks people through surgeries, procedures and other things they can do to change their bodies. It is very easy for women to look their best, and they will be able to change the way that they look every day. Someone who wants to look their best needs to ask what their choices are, and then they need to come in to see Dr. Jennifer for help. It is much easier to do this than it is to do things that work best for their bodies.

A woman who comes in to see Dr. Jennifer can set a goal to change their body, and then they can work with people in the office to remain comfortable. It is very easy for people to get the results that they want, and they can relax in the office. Friends can even come along for moral support if they need to. That means that the office is a safe haven for everyone, and that also means that the people who come to see Dr. Jennifer will feel better about the work they have asked for.

There are many things that women can do to look their best, and they need to be sure that they are going to have a chance of looking their best, and they need to see if they can alter their approach to what they are doing to find their inner diva. Women have a lot of help changing their bodies, and Dr. Jennifer is the best.


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