Handy Home Cleaning Moves to Online On boarding

Business can often be about taking risks. Handy Home Cleaning CEO Oisin Hanrahan backed up his strategy of online on boarding for new cleaners. Online on boarding is the process by which new employees complete their initial paperwork and orientation through a self-serve or computer. He felt that by making it computerized they could save money on human resource employees. Umang Dua, co-founder, did not feel as enthusiastic about this online on boarding. In January 2015, they agreed to do a limited run in Washington and Miami.

At first the on boarding was not very successful. Successful on boarding was less than 40%, which meant fewer cleaners for the clients. They began to lose clients because of this lack of cleaners. They had decided to grow instead of being profitable. In the long run this move away from human on boarding could save them money. At first the lack of cleaners seemed over whelming, but now it seemed the high customer density worked for them. It was easier for their cleaners to get appointments and business stays steady. Handy.com Home Cleaning took a risk that paid off and increased their business. This move will help them to eventually increase their profits.