Marcio Alaor Discusses Advancements At Apple


Marcio Alaor reviews many companies and business trends on his blog, and his most recent entry on his blog explains how Apple is pushing the technology industry forward. Brazil is advancing every year with help from companies like Apple, and Apple is releasing brand new technology that will help the common iPhone user every day. This article explains Marcio Alaor’s views on Apple and their new technology that is coming to Brazil.

#1: Force Touch

The Force Touch technology allows users to press their screens to access many different commands. The commands on the phone are accessed based on how hard someone presses their screen, and Apple is working on technology that will allow users to access several different menus using differing levels of intensity. Users who do not have two hands free may use their thumbs to depress the screen, and Marcio believes that Force Touch is a revelation in technology.

#2: Emotient

Emotient is a company that creates artificial intelligence technology for many different applications. The people who use Emotient technology are gaining better search results on their phones, and the AI may be used in a number of other places. Apple has AI that helps people use their phones more effectively, and Emotient simply makes the AI more appealing for Apple.

The $8 million raised to help purchase Emotient shows that Emotient is onto something. The company is a powerful acquisition that Apple may use in all its products, but most users will find that Apple is using Emotient technology in their search engines on phones and tablets. Everyone who uses an iPhone today will begin to feel the impact of the Emotient acquisition when the iOS software is updated.

#3: Facial Recognition

Facial recognition software from Apple will help its users protect their data, and the software will ensure that a user’s mood may be tracked. Tracking a user’s mood will help unlock certain apps on each phone that makes the phone more useful, and people who are getting instant customer service from their phones are more likely to be happy customers overall.

#4: Apple’s Value Is Growing

Apple’s value continues to grow, and Marcio believes that App is a wise investment for all his clients. There are clients who are looking for solid ways to invest their money, and Apple appears to be so powerful that its stock price will continue to rise over the years.

The wisest investments Marcio’s clients make will help quite a lot of money, and he has studied to new technology from Apple for his clients.