“Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” a dark take on American Events

Sean Penn is an outspoken critic of certain U.S. policy decisions and this has culminated into his new booked titled “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” in which Penn sits down with Trevor Noah and Vogue Magazine to talk about its implications. Penn told Noah that the book looks into the “dark side of human nature” and how quickly humans can be come fascinated with fascist trends. Noah acknowledges that the book is hard to describe, but it has a strange connection to the current events in the United States. Penn continues on to describe the main character, Bob. Bob is an angry middle class man, who has an interesting side job, he kills older citizens with a mallet. He believes that they are standing in the way of progress and must be taken care of.

Penn told Vogue that the book has parallels to the #METOO movement, and this seems relevant. Bob seems to witness many events that have occurred in the United States. Bob sees the election of the new president in 2016, he also later writes an angry letter to the president, telling him that he is not fit for the office. Penn explains to Noah that Bob is supposed to represent the desire in many people to serve their country, yet many do not have a purpose or direction to do so. Bob’s misguided service seems to be the killing of people in the name of “progress.” This again could be going into Penn’s look at the dark side of democracy and its grey area into fascism.

Aside from discussing the book, Penn talks about where his life has been in the last couple years, and perhaps some of the inspirations for the book. He talks of his anger towards Trump’s rude comments about Haiti. he also goes into his unique friendship with the late Hugo Chavez. Then he critiques U.S. foreign policy, and mainly the drug wars in Latin America, talking about how his interview with el Chapo was crucial in understanding flaws in U.S. policy in the area.