Culinary Culture: OSI Group

Over the course of the 20th century and in the wake of industrialization, American food culture took many exciting turns! A notable contributor in the transformation and growth of the food culture into what we know it as today is: The OSI Group, a meat processing company that had humble beginnings in Illinois. This company would grow into a whole sale meat distribution seller that would have a hand in providing meat for some of the most influential and wide spread food services in American history. A great example would be McDonald’s, who chose OSI group as a provider for fresh beef patties. They would continue to create and set a standard of service that would lead them down a century of corporate success and international wealth.

The OSI group continues to grow at an astonishing rate, acquiring production lines and buying out (or buying controlling stakes in) many other whole sale and processing companies. A few recent examples of this include (but aren’t limited to) their acquisition of Tyson Foods in Chicago and Baho Foods in Europe. The acquisition of Tyson foods gave them access to production gear and a production network that let them more flexibly respond to their customers needs. This also helped the plant itself stay active, saving much needed jobs in the area. Also with the introduction of the OSI Group’s infrastructure behind it, this deal promised to bring growth to the facilities. The second example is the purchase of Baho foods in Europe, a convenience food chain. This acquisition brought them more power to their base and allowed their operations to expand enthusiastically in the European market.

OSI has a tremendous amount of influence on the food culture in America. And Within recent years they seem very keen to also expand their high quality of production standards as well as sourcing to the European market. Brands such as Subway, Star bucks, and Papa John’s all depend on the output as well as the quality that this food giant provides. This company continues to set the standard, their network of passionate suppliers and relationship with their customers exemplifies an active commitment to excellence. With a history of high production value, positive customer relations and environmentally friendly practices, it’s clear to see why the OSI group has earned a place in the top 100 food companies of America, and why they are certainly a conglomerate to keep eyes on.