Philanthropist George Soros Blasts Donald Trump At The Davos Summit

Billionaire George Soros had a lot to say at the 2017 Davos Economic Summit. It’s not unusual for Soros to speak out at the Switzerland meeting, but this year he let loose and talked about several key international topics. The main topic was Donald Trump, but he also had something to say about British Prime Minister May. Soros thinks the British are in denial. The UK economy on is not as bad as some economists predicted, so the Brits think the country is on the right track. But the pound sterling is depreciating, inflation is increasing, and May’s cabinet is divided. Mr. Soros thinks the living standards in the UK are going to decline over the next two years.

Soros also said the European Union is too complicated, and it is losing the support of the people, so the EU will face more exits like the UK exit. There is already talk that France wants to leave the EU, and if that happens, the EU will be facing another enormous challenge.

But the main George Soros message at the Davos summit was about Donald Trump. Soros has a business history with Trump. Trump asked Soros to help him build his Chicago Trump Hotel a few years ago, and Soros invested in the project. But as far as Soros is concerned, Trump’s only attribute is his brand. His political and economic plans are not the kind of plans Soros agrees with. In fact, George Soros thinks Trump is a fake, and he told the world that at the Davos Summit on Forbes. Soros Believes Trump will fail, and in the process of failing, he will cause a great deal of economic and social disruption.

There are people that say Soros is still angry over losing money when Trump won the election. Soros did lose money in the stock market after the election, but losing is a fact of life in the hedge fund world. Losing money always hurts, but it doesn’t mean George Soros will lash out because of that loss. Soros knows he will make more money on his other investments in gold and other things. The Soros family hedge fund has more than $25 billion in assets under management.

According to an article published by, Soros is responsible for putting a plan together to keep Trump in line over the next four years. Several big Democratic donors and political leaders are involved in that plan. But Soros wants the world to know that Trump is functioning in a divisive manner. Trump has no plan to unite the country. Trumps wants to be a dictator, but the U.S. Constitution will stop him from executing that plan, according to Soros.

Mr. Soros brought up several valid points that explain why he is so vocal about Donald Trump’s inability to function as a reputable leader. Trump’s cabinet choices are contradictory, and he has three chiefs of staff instead of one. That decision will create internal friction in the White House. Controversy is the flavor of the day, every day, in Trump’s world.