Fabletics Gets It Right and Consumers are Taking Notice


It is rare for a company to do what Fabletics has managed to do. This is the type of company that has managed to become a staple in the industry in a short amount of time. Kate Hudson is someone that has managed to become the front woman for this slow brewing empire that has become Fabletics.

There are lot of people that know about Fabletics and what this brand represents. There are still others, however, that have never heard of this brand. What Kate Hudson is managing to do is bring this brand to the mainstream. There was no other way to do this than do bring this brand into physical stores.

Fabletics has done quite well on the Internet. With a few commercials and ads it has been easy for this company to establish a fan base on the web. What has not been easy is the expansion to a crowd that doesn’t shop on the Internet. There are still many people that are skeptic about Internet shopping even in this day and age. There are others that may shop online that simply have never heard about this brand. The Internet is the super information highway that has no geographical boundaries. It has limitations, however, that are represented by the social circles that people run in.

In 2015 Kate Hudson won the entrepreneur of the year award. She had FL2 – a men’s clothing line under in play – and the Fabletics brand was brewing. Although Kate was still looking at herself as more of an actress than a businesswoman it was clear that her business senses – much like that of a comic book hero that just seems to know what he knows – were tingling. She knew that she would become the face of Fabletics. She knew that she would eventually expand beyond the Internet after the Internet crowd was saturated. That is what has made her the powerhouse leader that is bound to take this company forward.

Fabletics, in conjunction with JustFab, is all over the place. There are stores opening in up gallerias. There are soaring sales on the Internet. There are commercials featuring Kate Hudson. It is like she has stepped off of the red carpet and still kept her fashion senses in tact for a line of workout clothes. That is a special talent that she has nurtured. Fans are recognizing this, and they really appreciate what this talented actress is doing.