Funding Fueled Expansion Working Well For FreedomPop

There is a company in the cell phone market that is giving away free service. That company is known as FreedomPop. FreedomPop delivers free mobile service to everyday people like you and me. Stephen Stokols the CEO and Co-Founder of FreedomPop talks about the company and the expansion in an interview he did with Dan Meyer of RCR Wireless News.

FreedomPop is expanding into all markets around the globe. With their business model the are not trying to make money with voice, text or data. The reality is the company might even lose some money by giving you a share of this for free. However, their CEO tells us in the interview he isn’t worried and that FreedomPop is still making money in other ways. It’s a unique business model that Stephen talks about openly.

One of the ways that FreedomPop makes money is by adding valuable services. For example, lets say you have some family in Mexico. You might buy a second number that will be local to Mexico and still ring into your FreedomPop phone. When you obtain that second number, FreedomPop makes money. You won’t care that they are making money because they are providing you value and saving you money in the long run.

Another service you might like is roll over data. When you have extra data that is unused, you can pay a small amount and have that data roll over. By selling these value added services, FreedomPop makes money.

It does not matter if you heard the company name before or if they are new to you, they are worth checking out. You can see the whole interview with FreedomPop’s CEO at this link: