InnovaCare Health Under Rick Shinto Proceeds To Ranks Among Leading Healthcare Services Providers

Healthcare is an industry that has seen many changes and several companies that invested in this domain well have managed to reap great benefits while enhancing access to services. Companies like InnovaCare Health embraced some changes recently and surprisingly started to grow. There are many challenges that occur in the industry and only those companies that are structured well are able to overcome these problems. InnovaCare Health has in the last five years grown to attain its goal of becoming a leading physician practice services provider.


Under proper leadership and focused professionals, the company was able to beat odds and to overcome the many challenges that put a stop to the progress of a business. The first challenge the leaders had to address was the quality of services and the mode of delivery. Rick Shinto leads a team of professionals who took part in the reconstruction of the company to offer it a chance to perform better than before. He is a professional whose profile has grown over the years due to the many successes he recorded. Check out



About Rick Shinto

Before diving into InnovaCare Health deeper, it is also vital to know about their CEO, Rick Shinto. When he was appointed to lead the company, there were no set structures to address challenges and this is a problem he had to work on quickly. Since 2012, he has managed to transform the company to make it one of the most preferred providers of managed healthcare services.


Rick Shinto took part in the development of a new service delivery system and he continued his legacy that he began building while he was working with companies like NAMM California and Aveta Inc. He has been getting support from Penelope, who is the current Chief Administrative Officer. They both worked at Aveta and due to cooperation and understanding, they have been offering InnovaCare Health unique services meant to reinforce good performance. You can visit



About InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health is a leading managed healthcare provider that has been serving the residents of Puerto Rico. The company was established more than 10 years ago but its moment of success came after 2012 when Rick Shinto took over the mantle of leadership. InnovaCare Health offers high quality managed healthcare services and has been in the forefront working with leading institutions to make healthcare provision easy and beneficial to all users. It has some of the most experienced professionals, which is also the reason they have managed to grow so big within just five years.



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Dr. Mark McKenna Is Helping More People With His Medical And Business Expertise Each Day

As of late, Dr. Mark McKenna has been focused on his latest business idea, OVME. This company will offer treatments to people in their own homes, non-surgical of course, through a special delivery system that can be accessed on the company’s app. On top of this, clients will also be able to seek out consultations with doctors directly through the app to get the advice they need for the products they might buy. Dr. Mark McKenna got the idea for OVME when he realized there is a large number of people who won’t go to the doctor’s office despite their willingness to use the products they can offer. Whether its scheduling, money or just being afraid of going to the doctors, Mark knows OVME has a big market to tap into.

Dr. Mark McKenna studied at the Universty of Tulane and grew up in New Orleans with a strong desire to enter the medical profession. This was largely because Mark’s father was also in the medical industry and own his own practice at the time. Right after earning his medical degree, Mark was keen on joining his father to start getting some real experience with medicine. Mark did great working with his father was able to hone his abilities, but he soon realized he wanted more than just to practice medicine. Dr. Mark McKenna has a strong mind for business and wanted to run one for himself. During his time working with his father, Mar started up the company McKenna Ventures, a company focused on real estate.

As Mark’s first company, McKenna Venture was highly successful, earning Mark millions in profit. After Hurricane Katrina struck in 2005 and Mark lost much of his business, he was determined to keep going. After this incident, Mark moved to Georgia and started up a new company that he managed to run successfully for seven years before selling it to Life Time. It is clear to see Dr. Mark McKenna has the drive to keep going and bringing his medical skills to as many people as he can through his innovative business ideas.

The Structuring Of InnovaCare Health

One of the prominent providers of the Advantage Plans for Medicare and Medicaid is InnovaCare. This is partially due to their excellent leadership. The CEO of InnovaCare is Rick Shinto M.D. and the position of Chief Administrative Officer is filled by Penelope Kokkinides. There have also been three new executive spots filled in the organization. This ensures a unique skill set and continued success in a rapidly changing field. InnovaCare Health is delighted to have these individuals join the company.

The Chief Actuary Officer of the company is Jonathan Meyers. Meyers originally worked for Horizon BCBS, an extremely large carrier located in New Jersey. In New York, Meyers worked at HealthCare Partners, both positions giving him valuable experience in the industry. The strategy based advice he has given on the benefits of healthcare has been invaluable to both employees and retirees. His advice is insightful, creative and based on a strategy founded over vast experience.

The Chief Administrative Officer at the company is Penelope Kokkinides. Her specialties are in government based healthcare, and she has more than twenty years of experience in this industry. Penelope Kokkinides is well educated in clinical based programs and management. Her main focus has been in improving and updating the efficiency of a company. She has previously worked for Centerlight, Touchstone Health, and AmeriChoice in the highest of management positions.

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The position of Chief Accounting Officer has been filled by Mike Sortino. His history in accounting is impressive and encompasses a period of more than twenty years. He has over five years experience in public accounting as well.

The experience and skills of these three people reflects the integrity required at InnovaCare Health. The company is looking for leaders to take the company in the direction it must continue to go in order to keep up within the industry.

There are two Medicare plans currently being offered in Puerto Rico. The membership of these plans is almost 200,000 people and encompasses a network with over 7,500 providers. Both of these plans have a rather broad coverage in regards to benefits. InnovaCare offers only the highest quality in healthcare plans. Their plans are designed to be well coordinated, use advanced technology and be cost effective. InnovaCare Health has become a leader in the industry due to a combination of foresight, hard work and the ability to completely understand what is needed in the healthcare market.

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