Finding a refreshing lip balm from EOS


Not all lip balms are the same, even when they are made by the same manufacturer. I’ve had an interest in finding a truly refreshing lip balm that can brighten up even the most dreary morning.

My lip balm brand of choice is EOS. EOS is one of the leading lip balms for its unique sphere shaped lip balms and pastel colored containers. It is more than just their container that makes EOS stand out. They use the best ingredients such as coconut and jojoba oil and add vitamin e and antioxidants which protect your lips from damage and restore the moisture to your lips. The dedication that EOS puts into their ingredients is the difference maker for me and what has led me to be a truly loyal EOS customer.

They, gratefully, have many lip balm flavors that are refreshing to apply and it was these flavors I was sampling today. When one thinks of refreshing flavors mint is often the best choice. EOS has two lip balms based on mint; sweet mint and vanilla mint. Sweet mint was more refreshing and compelling to me, though vanilla mint was no slouch either. It just had a deeper and more complex flavor that wasn’t as fresh as their sweet mint option. Look here.

Another light and refreshing lip balm offering was strawberry sorbet which had a powerful flavor that tasted like a strawberry that you pick right out of your garden. Since EOS lip balm doesn’t use additives in their lip balm the strawberry natural flavor was truly enjoyable to apply and a real game changer.

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Honeysuckle honeydew was light and refreshing to apply and didn’t taste fake or unusual on my lips. It was another refreshing and non-overbearing lip balm that didn’t get old or sickening after I started using it regularly, check more here

EOS has a whole host of refreshing lip balm flavors to choose from. It is this variety that makes the difference in the brand.

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