Choosing a Summer EOS Lip Balm


Many products in different industries are seasonal in nature. Soups sell better in winter while watermelon and other refreshing foods do better in the summer season. Weather has a strong impact on what you buy, as well as what you enjoy using and this isn’t any different for lip balm. The lip balms that you buy and use during each season will be drastically different from one another.

Having said that, I am only going to be trying lip balms that are manufactured by EOS. EOS is one of the most customer centric brands out there and create a full line of lip balms that are sourced naturally with ingredients like jojoba oil and shea butter that just simply work better. Since they don’t use artificial flavorings in their products, the flavors taste more natural and real, and more in line with what nature intended. Get in touch with this site,

Since summer is upon us, I was in search of some summer themed lip balms to put me more in the mood for these warm months. Summertime is reminiscent of many things for me including fresh fruits and flowers, hurry click now! EOS has a whole host of lip balms that fit into this area including the June blossoming of strawberries in their strawberry sorbet flavor, other fresh berries in blackberry nectar and blueberry acai, and the summer fruit line which contains blends of berries and summer peach for the quintessential fruit blend for summer, hop over to I tried all of these and believe that you truly can’t go wrong with any of these summer-themed EOS lip balms. They are fresh and enjoyable to apply and refreshing, all while adding needed vitamin E to protect your lip and prevent chapping. While the summer isn’t the season when you are in most need of lip balm, many people apply it all year long and these EOS summer flavors certainly fill the role.

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