A First Hand Experience of an Up And Coming Line of Hair Products

The WEN Line of Chaz Dean products contains 4 offerings. The first being a 5 in 1 conditioning cleanser, a nourishing mousse, an anti frizz styling creme and a re-moist intensive hair treatment. This product line now available on Amazon was developed in house at the Chaz Dean Studio in Hollywood. Where the celebrity stylist has tested this line of products on his customers in order to get direct feedback and ensure that his product line meets expectations. The Wen Nourishing Mousse is a very lightweight mixture that provides the hair with a pleasurable soft touch, shine and improves the overall volume of the hair. Usually the traditional mousse’s out there leave behind a sticky and flaky residue which is not something that the Wen nourishing mousse does. There are several features that the mousse provides user and the first is the hair becomes more flexible and a lot more soft to the touch. There is an added volume and shine bringing out its natural colors. There is also an added benefit when blow drying the hair after using the mousse as it leaves extra volume and body which is usually difficult to achieve once blow drying.

To prove that the hair product says what it does, a recent facebook user posted an article on BUSTLE which describes her user experience in great detail. She was very fond of the product and recommends it to anyone who wants to gain more volume and shine when it comes to their hair.