Fountain House Excels in Humanitarian Actions with the Help of Jeremy Goldstein

The World Health Organization (WHO), has listed mental illness as one of the humanitarian crisis that we currently have in the current world. More than 450 million individuals from all over the world have been affected by the crisis, directly or indirectly. This has cut across families and communities in general.

The mental illness problem has been a challenge to the victims in many ways, ranging from preventing them from completing their education, proper management of their finances, landing on employment, general care for themselves and even the maintenance of their relationships. These challenges, among others, have been the main motivation of Jeremy Goldstein along with the entire fraternity of Fountain House, to intervene and try to provide solace to the patients and their families.

Fountain House has been very instrumental in supporting the patients of mental illness since it was formed in 1948. The founders of the organization were once mental illness patients of Rockland State Hospital where they met.

The hospital is located in New York. When they formed it, it was in the form of a group that they originally named as “We Are Not Alone.” This was a very symbolic name because a lot of people who had fallen victims of the mental illness condition had gone to the extent of feeling as if they were alone in the situation.

Later after forming the group, the members bought a house in New York, which resulted in the permanent home of their clubhouse. The reason why they called their building Fountain House was that it was located on a garden that had a fountain in it. Among the main people who are attributable to the success and achievements of Fountain House in helping people living with mental illness is Jeremy Goldstein. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Ideamench and Jeremy Goldstein | Slideshare

Goldstein chairs the Board of Directors at the organization. The main focus of Jeremy and Fountain House in their philanthropic work is to create dependable individuals from the despised characters in the society. They have been doing this by mostly emphasizing the educational issues and also assisting the individuals in the job market.

Besides sitting on the Fountain House’s Board, Jeremy Goldstein is also the owner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, a huge law firm in New York. The law firm deals with issues relative to corporate governance and compensation, where it guides management teams, compensation committees and CEOs of corporations on the same.

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