Madison Street Capital is Proud Of Their COO


Madison Street Capital is one of the leading international banking firms in the world. The company is built on three pillars that are integrity, service delivery and leadership. The company attributes its success in the world of investment banking to these three components. Madison Street Capital has specialized in offering the following banking services: Financial opinions and valuation services, mergers and acquisition expertise as well as corporate financial advisory services. Its clients come from both the private and public sectors. Madison Street capital’s clients boast of having an edge in their respective global marketplaces. This is because the company views emerging markets as the most critical component driving global business growth today. Its focus on significant assets on the markets is also a contributing factor to their client’s success.

Recently, revealed that one of Madison Street Capital co-founders had been recognized by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts (NACVA) as part of their 40 Under Forty recognition program. This is none other but Anthony Marsala, who is also Madison Street Capital’s Chief Operating Officer. For a number of years now, NACVA has dedicated its efforts and resources to shining the light on people who have made extraordinary advances in financial forensics, business valuation, expert witness testimony, litigation consulting and mergers and acquisition, among other related professions. The honorees are selected by a panel of judges comprising of the executive staff of NACVA and the Consultants’ Training Institute (CTI).

The idea behind the 40 Under Forty recognition program was to give voice and opportunity to the next generation of corporate leaders by recognizing their contributions to their profession, communities as well as their future contributions. This year’s honorees were selected from a pool of more than 125 nominees. The profiles of this year’s nominees will be featured in a number of press releases including NACVA’s Association News, The Value Examiner and QuickReadBuzz Blog, among others.

Mr. Marsala attended the Loyola University of Chicago where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance and Information Systems. He also holds a Masters Diploma in Strategy from Said Business School, which is an affiliate of the University of Oxford. Mr. Marsala is also a member of NACVA and the American Society of Appraisers (ASA). He is a renowned expert with over three-decade experience in business valuation, M&A and corporate finance. For over 13 years now, he has been part of many valuations and transactional engagements in a number of companies across different industries. He has, however, focused on small and medium business enterprises. Most of these businesses are in the energy sector, wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, food and agriculture, technology, biotech, medical services, staffing and pharmaceuticals, among others. As Chief Operating Officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Marsala is tasked with ensuring a strong company presence in the international world, and more specifically in Europe, Asia and Africa.

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Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

When we talk about investment banking, investment aspect of business comes to mind. Particularly, we are concerned with the capital raising activities that allow us to make that crucial investment. Think for a moment: Suppose you are a business owner and for better operational efficiency you wanted to purchase a piece of equipment that would not only cut your costs due to improved economies of scale but would also improve the quality of your products thereby earning you a healthy profit. Where would you get capital for such investment? That’s where Investment Banking steps in. Investment banking plays a very crucial role in the business environment in that it provides a helping hand to businesses that are in dire need of capital with little or no idea of where to source it from. Various reputable investment banking institutions offer sound financial advice and one of these is Madison Street Capital (MSC).

With headquarters in Chicago Illinois, Madison Street Capital is a middle market investment banking firm with offices in three continents: North America, Africa and Asia. The MSC offers its clients financial advice on matters such as Valuation Services for both private and public businesses, Mergers and Acquisitions, restructuring services and financial opinions. MSC consists of a team of highly experienced professionals with unique knowledge and extensive relationships thereby making it one of the best investment banking firms of its caliber.

MSC also adheres to certain principles that contribute to their success. The first is confidentiality. Respecting clients’ privacy goes a long way in earning their trust. Secondly, learning a client’s business model helps in determining the client’s particular financial needs and offering the relevant advice. Honesty is something that is strictly observed, even at the expense of losing the client. MSC believes in offering honest advice to its clients which might be useful to them even if it does not manage to acquire the business in the long run. This might involve giving the clients advice that they might not want to hear. In a spirit of philanthropy, the MSC also supports organizations such as United Way which identifies and resolves community issues.

The future of investment banking, specifically hedge funds M & A transactions, looks promising as per a report done by the MSC which shows that performance in the sector has improved significantly since 2014. As a matter of fact, AUM’s measurement of 2015’s transaction volume reveals that it is roughly 27% higher than 2014. However, higher liabilities and downward pressure on fees are forcing smaller hedge fund managers to consider strategic alternatives as they struggle in attracting new capital. Still, the deal environment is anticipated to be stronger in 2016.

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