Securus Technologies Brings On the New GovPayNet

For the Government, the GovPayNet is a leader in processing debit and credit card. Have you ever wondered how you would pay for traffic and speeding violations? I know I have. The payment process makes it possible to pay any costs owed to the government.



GovPayNet has been processing payments for the government for over 20 years. They are working on expanding their services further within the state. Now they are including areas in areas such as the department of revenue. During those 20 years, GovPayNet has processed more than $40 million in payments every year. As they receive additional funding from investments, the project continues to grow. Thus, making it appealing to investors.



Eventually, I think GovPayNet will start to expand it’s services outside of the government allowing businesses and corporations to use them. It could be a massive breakthrough if this advanced service is available to everyone. Until this secured system is open to the rest of us, I will need to resort to another source to help with my credit and debit card transactions.



Securus’ Technologies has come a long way. They now provide services for over 3,500 public safety agencies. They have a strong commitment to the community by making it a safer place to live and providing hope to those who need it. With the technology of Securus’, we can connect to the matters that are important. Their team of professionals is here to providing you the best in safety and protection, making Securus’ a world leader in their industry. They will continue to grow their business and ensure they surpass the competition. Securus’ is in a lead of their own as they bring protection and security through the services they provide.



GovPatNet by itself provides services in 35 states, to over 2,300 agencies, covering over 26% throughout the United States.



Securus Technologies Creates Great Crime Prevention Strategy

There is over 2.4 million inmate calling minutes processed annually to keep inmates and their families connected by Securus Technologies and they were one of their first to create a crime prevention program. Their goal is to ensure the safety of the general public and establish a reliable network giving customers every minute under their service agreement. Rick A. Smith, CEO and president was one of the first to become a part of a stabilized inmate communications network and decide their original technological solutions would be a great start towards their crime prevention initiative.


Securus Crime Prevention Strategies


– Stop inmate cellphone use

– Create additional facility monitoring

– Eliminate illegal money transfer

– Stop telecommunications crimes

– and more…


Unfortunately, 1/3 of all facility related crimes start over the phone and Securus Technologies works hard to ensure their customers are communicating over a reliable network that is being safely monitored. As a part of their crime prevention, the privacy of their customers is just as important. Don’t risk becoming a victim of a inmate telecommunications crime by becoming a member of the Securus Technologies interactive inmate calling network. Visit their secure website for more details on their crime prevention programs, services, and features.


Securus Technologies on Crime Prevention

Securus Technologies is one of the few companies that provide civil and criminal justice technology solutions to the correctional centers in the United States and Canada. Securus Technology opened its doors to the inmates several years ago, and it has managed to impress many people. The company has a team of reliable professionals who have a lot of expertise, especially in the technology department. The chief executive director of the institution has been instrumental in the success of the firm.


Rick Smith was nominated to take the position of chief executive officer in the year 2008. Since his appointment, the businessman has worked hard to take the technology company to greater heights. Smith and the team of professionals serving in the company have introduced several applications to make the lives of the inmates better. The products from the firm are cheap and affordable, meaning that they do not strain the pocket of the inmates or their families.


Last year during the Christmas holiday, the inmates had the time of their lives. This is because the company introduced the video communication app that allowed the inmates to keep communicating with their families and friends who were celebrating the holiday miles away. Before the introduction of the application, the families and friends of the inmates had to travel long distances so that they could get to spend time with the prisoners.


The holiday was harder for the parents in the prisons because they could not see their children who were far away. Securus Technologies has made things easier for the children and their parents too. Last holiday, the parents watched as their children opened their presents at home. The prison officials also benefited from the application. It is easier to monitor the inmates when they are using the video communication app. The detectives were able to collect some evidence using the new service.


How We Use Securus Technologies to Control Gang Violence

Gang violence in our prison has been on the rise for may years. The trouble is that the jail is getting more crowded, and the inmates are having to share close quarters with one another, and rival gangs simply do not mix well with others. My job as a corrections officer in this jail is to maintain order so that the inmates can do their time without having to make life difficult for us all.


The one thing we focus our efforts on daily is making sure that we keep drugs out of the hands of the inmates. To do this successfully, we start each day by doing surprise cell inspections for contraband. Despite it irritating the inmates, it helps to keep things out of their hands that they can use to hurt one another. Then we focus on the visitor center, doing physical searches of every visitor and inmate during the visits. Anything that we can take out of the equation here will go a long way in making life easier for all behind these prison walls.


We also make use of the inmate call monitoring system that was recently installed in the prison by Securus Technologies. This Dallas-based company is headed by Richard Smith, and his employees are all working toward the goal of helping to make the world a little safer for everyone. If the inmates are talking on the phones about drugs, the LBS software will pick up that chatter and alert us to take action.


This year we have heard inmates talking on the phone about how drugs can be bought in the yard, where the drugs are hidden in cells, and which gang members are bringing drugs to the jail to pass to the other gang members. We take immediate action each time to make things safer around here.


Facilities Being Provided By Securus Technologies

There are a number of things being offered by Securus Technologies. These are highly innovative products that are highly beneficial for the inmates, their friends, families and even the parolees.



Jail Voicemail is one such innovative product that is offered by Securus Technologies. This is a perfect option for all those who do not like waiting for getting a call. This may be because there is some important news to be shared. I know of people whose schedule has changed making them miss out on phone calls. At such times, they only wish to communicate directly to their incarcerated loved one. This has been made possible by the feature of Jail Voicemail from Securus Technologies that allows one to communicate on their own terms.



Jail Voicemail means that initiating communication as well as sharing of important information becomes easy and simple.



There is a given number that needs to be dialed. Next, the correctional facility has to be selected where the incarcerated loved one has been housed. Now the voice prompts have to be followed in order to leave your voicemail. Once done, the incarcerated loved one gets notified automatically that there is a voicemail waiting for them.



This facility is already available at several correctional facilities. New facilities are being added on a regular basis.



Securus Technologies is offering Video Services too.



The Video Visitation is a service that allows convenient access to visit the incarcerated loved ones. It allows the pre-scheduling of Onsite Visit that can be done from anywhere by using a computer, or a tablet or even a smartphone.



The type of visit has to be scheduled first, followed by scheduling Anywhere Visit. This helps to save on time as well as eliminate travel. This means that there is no need to drive to the correctional facility or wait in a long line to meet your loved one.