Epic Rebuttal Creates Epic Content

Most have heard of the online encyclopedia of information we call Wikipedia, and more often that not most have used the online plethora of knowledge in some way. Recently, there has been a media buzz around a female student being trolled for her content on Wikipedia. The student, Emily Temple-Wood, has been contributing content to the collaborative online encyclopedia since she was just a young girl. Throughout the years of writing Wikipedia content, Emily has been a victim of sexist and abusive messages from trolls of the Wikipedia community. The trolls seem to feed on the fact that Emily is a female, and produces excellent content with her strong female voice via her content writing. Instead of being oppressed by such malevolence, Emily chose to focus her rage on her passion of content writing. WikiProject Women Scientist was born, and now has its own Wikipedia page. WikiProject Women Scientist, by Emily Temple-Wood, is the idea of creating a new Wikipedia page discussing a female scientist for every troll that assaulted her and her content based solely on the fact that she was a woman. It is because of content writers like Emily, that Wikipedia successfully produces the highest quality content available in the online world of knowledge. 

Wikipedia is shaping our world of knowledge in a different way than most collaborative online encyclopedias. By not hiring Wiki editors to create and manage posts, Wikipedia has given power to the public to produce meaningful and creditable content. Wikipedia has gained a strong and honorable reputation in the online community, and produces content that populates in the top 5 Google search returns. Wikipedia is not only an information hub, but can be used as a valuable marketing tool. Wikipedia adds a level of prestige and credibility to any business or brand that wishes to stand on an above average reputation.

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