Winter is characterized by cold brought about by the fall in temperatures. This extreme cold causes death to many homeless animals that have to bear it due to lack of financial resources to build the shelters. On the 13th of January 2016, New York City lawyer Ross Abelow launched a fundraiser to help the city animals. He aims to raise $5000 to help the homeless people get shelter, pay for the food, medical care and blankets for them and the vulnerable animals they care for. This will consequently prevent the deaths of animals during winter and keep them in shelters. The fundraiser aims to support these shelters.

Ross Abelow is a lawyer based in New York City. He works for The firm is the right one if you wish to find a lawyer suitable to your situation. Their lawyers are licensed to practise law meaning they are college and law school graduates. A lawyer has to pass character evaluations and is mandated to act professionally. They are bound to lose their licenses if they do not follow the Rules of Professional Conduct. You are well assured that lawyers at will act professionally and ethically. A lawyer such as Ross Abelow is prohibited against abiding by conflicts of interest. In this way, he cannot be compelled to testify against the client.

Mr. Abelow has worked as a lawyer for many years. In 1990, he was licensed in the state of New York. As he resided in New York, he attended the State of New York University. After completing the undergraduate studies he attained his law degree from Brooklyn Law School and graduated in 1989. Ross then started working professionally in 1990.

It was after 26 years at the profession that he co-founded the law firm Abelow and Cassandro LLP. Mr. Abelow submits legal articles to blogs like Crown Point New York. He has his own blog that deals with financial and legal matters. It is about how you can handle financial and legal issues when you encounter them. The fundraiser is to help the animals during winter. Mr. Ross loves animals and he knows the threat that can be caused by the cold, ice or snow during the winter season. In order to donate the money, people can go to the GoFundMe page. The fundraiser will continue to save many animals in New York City during winter.