How I found my Everyday Lip Balm With EOS

Finding the right lip balm can be a real challenge, or at least it is for me. While I like to have one lip balm flavor that I use for daily use, I do like to mix it up with more interesting flavors to keep it fresh It is best to start with a manufacturer that you trust.


For me, that lip balm manufacturer is EOS. EOS has long been a leader in providing organic and all-natural lip balms that provide longer term protection from the elements that prevent chapping. Unlike their competition like Pfizer and Blistex, EOS lip balm uses high quality oils like shea butter to protect their lips which provides added protection over the petroleum jelly based balms used by the competition, see for more.


While settling on EOS as a lip balm manufacturer was easy, selecting between their myriad of flavor options was not. EOS lip balm produces many different lip balms and the sheer variety can be confusing to choose between. Luckily, knowing my tastes I found a flavor I love with vanilla mint. Vanilla mint is refreshing like mint, but not overpowering and with a residual sweetness that is quite enticing in a lip balm. For me, vanilla mint was everything I love about mint flavors with none of the drawbacks so commonly associated with it. More of this on


After finding my everyday lip balm, I went to work trying to find some other balms to throw into the mix an alternative flavor. I like to substitute fruit flavors as alternatives for mint and tried the passion fruit, summer fruit, and blueberry acai flavors. While they were all enjoyable and had great fruit flavors, I was blown away by the blueberry acai. Generally, I love blueberry but feel like the acai taste is a serious detriment, but not in this application. EOS’ blueberry acai was flavorful, unique, and a pleasure to apply, click here. Tasty but not overpowering and a subtle fruit blend that was a joy. Seriously recommend this flavor for blueberry lovers.


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