Panelists from Academy of Art University Discuss Clothing Design for Disabled Community

In April, the Academy of Art University held its annual event – the Graduation Fashion Show and Awards Ceremony. The invitation-only event included an honorary doctorate to famed New York-based fashion designer, Andre Walker, among other note-worthy recipients.

The Academy of Art University event was moderated by Assistant Director of Fashion Styling, Flore Morton, who also posed challenging questions to a panel of students and attendees. Those questions were based on whether a good design is determined by accommodating a few people or does it mean designing for various types of people, including those with disabilities.

For most of society, clothing design can be taken for granted; however, for anyone dealing with a disability, there can often be everyday challenges and struggles. Typically, someone who is confined to a wheelchair, or using assistance to walk, will find it cumbersome to navigate certain clothing designs, such as studs, zippers or buttons. Often times, those elements can also cause skin irritations due to a person needing to sit for long lengths of time. The Academy of Art University was established in 1929, and there are over 30 accredited degree programs. In addition, the University offers continuing art education, pre-college art programs, teacher grants, as well as continuing education for professional development. Students are prepared for understanding the needs of today’s business environment.

The open panel discussed topics relating to needing “inclusive” fashion design, in addition to insightful ideas to integrate those changes. The Academy of Art University event was useful for engaging many types of interesting ways to serve those who are managing “mainstream” fashion with their disability. The intent was not to bring an A-list type of clothing design but to cater to a segment of the population that is often over-looked when fashion is designed. The panelist saw the opportunity as a way to take responsibility to seek alternatives and find opportunities to proactively design clothing that will enhance the life of someone dealing with a disability. The Academy of Art University typically has more than 12,000 students enrolled in its programs. Each year, a select number of students are transported by bus from San Fransico to New York in order to attend “Fashion Week” as a learning experience.

Doe Deere CEO Of Lime Crime Tells Secret Of Making Drems Come True In The Modern Age.

So, how does one girl become Queen of the Unicorns? Well, before we answer, we have an even better question to ask, how does Doe Deere inspire so many cool make up designs and inspire others to live their dream life? The answer is going to inspire you. Born in Russia, Doe Deere moved to the United States when she was seventeen. She spent most of her time growing up in Russia and New York City. Doe currently lives in the city of angels, beautiful Los Angeles. As a child Doe Deere dreamed but not of becoming a CEO of a successful makeup company. Doe wanted to be a musician and that is what she did when she moved to New York City.


It was during her band years that Doe Deere learned some useful skills like marketing and creating a brand. It taught her another important life skill too, to appreciate people and listen to their needs and wants.


Doe suggests that being ambitious is a great way to make your dreams come true. You look at what your head and heart are telling you and follow your heart. It knows that there is something special in all of us. It is by going into the area that you love, you will find the inspiration to lead yourself to greatness. This is what happened for Doe. She had a few hundred dollars and the dream of making makeup that had amazing color that was not available from the leaders of the makeup industry. The reality of the situation is that many people ask for more color and brighter color and the makeup companies of the day ignored these requests. When Doe started Lime Crime, she listened to the makeup user and started to create these amazing, fun colors.


Unusual, bright tones were not easy to come by in 2008. The makeup industry was very much into providing natural, safe, nine to five tones and colors. IT was for this reason that Doe started to create her own bright colors and Lime Crime became profitable simply because people loved the colors. Lime Crime hit success early on because they listened to what people wanted and took steps to create that makeup and bring it to the makeup customer. No one was stuck into that nude or beige tone makeup that their mother’s grandma wore any longer. With the products offered by Lime Crime you can change the color of your lips, eye lines and so much more. You can feel free to mix and match your makeup and be who you are.

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Fabletics Rolls Sexy and Comfy All In One

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, co-founder of Fabletics Kate Hudson gave insight to the newest line set to drop in April 2016. The “athleisure” line will include performance wear dresses and swimsuits. The Tropez dress be Fabletics is every womans dream little black dress. Lets face it, no one really wants to squeeze into an extremely uncomfortable yet sexy and rather slimming dress. We do it, we look good, we feel horrible. Kate mentions the ever so uncomfortable “getting out of the car in a dress” situation, assuring that you won’t have those issues with the athleisure dresses. With the new dress line, Fabletics customers will not only get the benefit of finally being able to be both sexy and comfortable, but also the convenience of finding an outfit for a date night, in the same place as your morning jog jumpsuit

Hudson says that the idea behind the descriptive Fabletics Wiki was to give women the same comfortable, snug fit in casual attire that you get in sports and fitness wear. This is why the same materials used in both lines. “It allows you to be comfort and allows more mobility”, says Hudson. Some of the dresses of Fabletics at come with a built in bra, adding even more comfort and convenience. Women generally appreciate the way leggings accent and enhance their curves, and the comfort that they provide. Now they will be able to purchase dresses with the same qualities. The dresses, much like the athletic wear will be offered at very affordable prices, with the subscription option available.

Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler in July 2013 but officially launched in October 2013 as an online subscription based retailer. Upon first launching they specialized in women’s sportswear and sports accessories. Members are able to subscribe for under $50 monthly and receive personalized athletic outfits that are handpicked for them based on responses to a preference quiz submitted during registration. In late 2015 the first Fabletics stores were opened in six different cities. Due to the success of these new stores, There is an expected increase of up to 75% of brick and mortar retail locations for Fabletics over the next five years.

Diet Myths, Maintaining a Physique, and the Fabletics Line

Aside from being one of Hollywood’s top actresses, Kate Hudson is also the spokeswoman for the fashion brand, Fabletics. Budget friendly athletic wear that is also cute enough to wear for a night out is what the line is all about, but a deeper rooted purpose influenced the launch of the line, overall.

After asking if she could snack on some popcorn throughout, Hudson gave Elle Magazine an exclusive interview that discussed diet and exercise myths, how she maintains her heavily sought after figure and, of course, how their Instagram handle came to be. In between snack breaks, readers were able to enjoy Hudson’s humor and compassionate personality that radiated through her words.

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What about Those Diet Myths?

The fitness buff said she does not totally disprove fads that come to be in matters pertaining to dieting, but she heavily avoids the belief that somebody must eat or drink particular things each day for the rest of their lives. Basically, fads are temporary and it is important to remember that. Her least favorite diet myth? The continuous need to cleanse. Though she admits to occasionally undergoing a cleanse, she refuses to do one for longer than a week, let alone every day.

How Does She Maintain Her Figure?

Kate’s fitness does not stop at her role as a dancer on Glee, but flows over in her everyday life. Aside from the occasional cheat day when she enjoys some frozen yogurt and chocolate, the actress also enjoys pilates, training at the gym, and going for a run. Of course, she is always rocking her Fabletics!

The Spark That Fueled the Fabletics Fire

Miss Hudson really dislikes the fact that a quality label is only slapped on leggings and tank tops that cost over $100 and, upon shopping one day, she decided that enough was enough. With Fabletics, a few essential pieces can complete an entire wardrobe for less than $100. The quality is superb, the styles are trendy, and the line makes sizes for everybody. Without a doubt, Fabletics is the choice, and the fact that its advocate is a really profound influence on women across the globe is just an added bonus. Reference:

Summer Looks: Confessions From a Recent JustFab Lover

I can be pretty particular about different styles, and I am meticulous about every article of clothing that I buy. I want to talk to you about an online retailer I stumbled upon that caught my attention called JustFab. I have been checking out their summer clothing. I must confess that as picky as I am, I found a few pieces that I like.

One article of JustFab clothing that got my attention, which I could not let go of, was the Boyfriend Linen Shirt. This shirt comes in a few different colors, but the one I loved was the off-white color because it screams summer to me. The shirt is natural linen with impressive thread-work. The button down shirt lets me be as sexy as I want to be. I personally go down as far as two buttons, though some of you may be more adventurous and pop that third button.

The shirt has two pockets that really sell the idea that you are wearing your boyfriend’s shirt. The thread-work does have a little detail that makes the shirt stand out even more. The pattern mostly highlights vertical lines. I loved the features because we all know that vertical lines make you look slimmer. Oh, and do not worry; just because it is called the Boyfriend Linen Shirt, does not mean it is too box-like. The designers still gave us a slight curve to highlight our waist. Let me tell you that this is my go-to summer shirt, and there is nothing no one can say to change my mind.

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Another piece that I was rather impressed with was the Tie-Front A-Line Skirt. Again, there are a few colors available, but I preferred the pastel off-pink color, which I thought gave me a slight innocent look. The dress is ever-so-flowy. The skirt is still heavy enough, so it should not blow up too much. I do not have to remind you that the summer has always been the season I show off my legs. I am always anxious to let my legs out, and this skirt definitely gives me that opportunity. The thread work, again, is exceptional. At first glance you may think that the skirt might be a little see-through because it looks and feels so delicate, but it is not. Perhaps the most interesting part of this skirt is the Tie-Front design. In essence, you have a thick lace at the top of the skirt to tie the piece in place. I particularly love the bow-tie look, but you can tie it any way you want. I felt like it gave the skirt a whimsical touch, which I definitely appreciated. See:

What is even more impressive is the entire line is filled with affordable pieces. You can label me a JustFab-lover and a proud one at that. 

Get Seasonally Ready With Fabletics

What was once home to gowns, elegant pantsuits, and the newest high-fashion patterns now gives way to a more casual approach. Athleisure wear is taking the fashion industry by comfortable storm, and people simply cannot get enough. Though confusion still exists pertaining to the capabilities this clothing possesses, and people do not understand how gym clothes are able to be so trendy, the general public and celebrities alike are putting an end to that uncertainty. Each season requires a certain style, and when matched appropriately, athleisure wear makes flawless outfits for them all.

Spring and Summer

Cosmo educates women of the colors they should be basking in during the spring and summer months. Describing what they refer to as Crayola-inspired colors, mention is made to how bright and bold colors are spotlighted this time of year. Capri leggings paired with a bright, flowy tank top makes for an athleisure-inspired outfit that is sure to wow. Sandals, a bright purse, and a chunky necklace ensure this once gym-ready outfit becomes a classy, casual ensemble.

Fall and Winter

As an ominous presence cascades every corner, your outfit can offer punctuated undertones of seasonal class that combat any nasty weather. Full-length yoga pants paired with a long-sleeve flannel shirt or sweater matches well with knee-high suede or leather boots. Just do not forget a fashion scarf, and you are ready to tackle the town!
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The Only Fabletics Review You Need to Read

Conclusively, athleisure wear is becoming more apparent as women realize that looking trendy is easier than they once believed. Fashion lines, like this interview with Kate Hudson, ensure that women have the option to be comfortable while maintaining confidence that is achieved by looking runway ready. Offering items that work well for every season, Fabletics transforms the way that women feel about themselves and their motivation to exercise. When you look good, you feel good. It is basic science, really!

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Lime Crime is Dominating Instagram and Fashion


The makeup line that has appealed to those with a rebel flair and independent mindset is currently blowing up Instagram. By exceeding 2 million followers on the image dominated platform the company is clearly extending its reach and the fantastic influence of its one of a kind founder, Doe Deere. She has been an innovator in the often all too conservative world of fashion for years, making a name for herself by creating the “on lip” lipstick swatch. That would actually display how the cosmetic would look on a person’s lips. It was an eye catcher as was her understanding of the way bright colors and unconventional approaches appeal to many shoppers.

Ecommerce and makeup sales are quickly becoming the exclusive domain of Lime Crime because they are willing to follow the lead of Doe Deere and be creative. Providing people with a forum to learn about fashion and see trends is the secret of the popularity. Unlike many companies that misuse and misjudge the value of social media platforms. They are not just another forum to push your products but a way to connect with the unique people that have an interest in the same types of fashion that Doe Deere and Lime Crime have been producing for years. It is a community that grows because there is a constant engagement with followers.

Doe Deere has been running this maverick company for the past eight years and it has been built from the ground up in her image and having and engaging and original social media presence is a large reason for that success. The audience of followers spans the globe but the one thing they have in common is a unique sense of style and an understanding that fashion is not a trend that is dictated to you from an outside source but rather, an inside feeling that a person shares with the world.

It posts “featured looks” which are posted by fans and are denoted by the #limecrime which automatically posts it on the Twitter feed as well. They are able to show the individuality of nails artwork, or the original use of lipstick. They share these fans pictures to create a sense of community and to show an appreciation for what is possible when people use a little creativity in their lives. The hope is that followers on Instagram are going to be able to fearlessly create their own looks and share them with others as well.

Doe Deere has been a pied piper of her legions of fans that she adoringly refers to as her “unicorns”. It is exactly this kind of connection with the fashion world that has helped her build Lime Crime into one of the most popular makeup companies in the world. She has done this by being unconventional and not letting the fashion world dictate what her cruelty free cosmetics produce for their fans.

Check her out on Youtube.


Doe Deere Describes Her Path to Success

“The Queen of Unicorns,” more commonly known as Doe Deere, is also the CEO of a revolutionary cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Deere was recently profiled in an article for Guest of a Guest. In the article, Deere describes how she followed her passion to make her own dreams come true and explains how other women should be inspired to do the same in their own lives.

Deere certainly did not have the conventional start to success as an entrepreneur. She grew up in Russia and only moved to the U.S. when she was 17. She currently resides in Los Angeles but also spent some years living in New York City.

Doe Deere’s inspiration for Lime Crime, her extremely successful cosmetics company, cam from her love of bright and unusual colors as part of her creative self-expression. Back in 2008, around when Lime Crime was first launched, Deere said she was stuck with mostly neutral options for colors in the mainstream makeup industry. She explained that the trend was for very muted, boring makeup back then. Since Deere could not find bright colors for herself anywhere, she decided to jump in head first and try making them herself. Even though she definitely marches to her own beat when it comes to personal style and fashion, Deere amassed quite the following of girls who loved her bright, funky makeup options just as much as she did.

Deere finds the freedom to be herself through makeup. Rather than masking any perceived flaws, Deere embraces makeup as a form of self-expression to show the world her passion for life and love for all things creative. Because she also had a fashion background from studying at FIT in New York and majoring in fashion design, Deere views makeup as an extension of her clothing and as an additional tool to create a totally unique look for herself. She hopes that other women will embrace makeup in the same positive way, instead of trying to hide their features or follow some set of beauty rules imposed by society. Deere is certainly an inspiration for women in both business and creative self-expression.

Fabletics Gets It Right and Consumers are Taking Notice


It is rare for a company to do what Fabletics has managed to do. This is the type of company that has managed to become a staple in the industry in a short amount of time. Kate Hudson is someone that has managed to become the front woman for this slow brewing empire that has become Fabletics.

There are lot of people that know about Fabletics and what this brand represents. There are still others, however, that have never heard of this brand. What Kate Hudson is managing to do is bring this brand to the mainstream. There was no other way to do this than do bring this brand into physical stores.

Fabletics has done quite well on the Internet. With a few commercials and ads it has been easy for this company to establish a fan base on the web. What has not been easy is the expansion to a crowd that doesn’t shop on the Internet. There are still many people that are skeptic about Internet shopping even in this day and age. There are others that may shop online that simply have never heard about this brand. The Internet is the super information highway that has no geographical boundaries. It has limitations, however, that are represented by the social circles that people run in.

In 2015 Kate Hudson won the entrepreneur of the year award. She had FL2 – a men’s clothing line under in play – and the Fabletics brand was brewing. Although Kate was still looking at herself as more of an actress than a businesswoman it was clear that her business senses – much like that of a comic book hero that just seems to know what he knows – were tingling. She knew that she would become the face of Fabletics. She knew that she would eventually expand beyond the Internet after the Internet crowd was saturated. That is what has made her the powerhouse leader that is bound to take this company forward.

Fabletics, in conjunction with JustFab, is all over the place. There are stores opening in up gallerias. There are soaring sales on the Internet. There are commercials featuring Kate Hudson. It is like she has stepped off of the red carpet and still kept her fashion senses in tact for a line of workout clothes. That is a special talent that she has nurtured. Fans are recognizing this, and they really appreciate what this talented actress is doing.

Doe Deere’s Outlook On Beauty

Doe Deere has a very unique outlook on beauty and life. Doe Deere is also a very strong woman. She sticks to her personal beliefs in the face of opposition. The Lime Crime founder and CEO recently shared her view on beauty in a very revealing article. Her view on beauty is the unicorn way. Outrageous, wild, and exciting. Certainly, this is very apparent in the vivid and sensuous line of makeup that Lime Crime produces. The fact is that Doe Deere has always been very vocal about the fashion world and beauty world. Finally, she reveals her top fashion and beauty rules to break to the world.

Breaking Traditional Rules
Doe Deere revealed that breaking traditional rules is very empowering for the individual. Breaking rules gives one a feeling of inner strength and builds self confidence in one’s ability to make good decisions. Doe Deere is the new face of beauty and shares a few of her top rules to break on a regular basis. For example, the unicorn queen loves vibrant colors. Of course, this is very apparent in her Lime Crime makeup line. Doe Deere loves mixing velvety red lips with deep crimson eye shadows. Other rules that she breaks regularly include mixing several colors together. The more colors, the more expressive. Deere also loves mixing several patterns together. Her wardrobe is filled with casual to high fashion patterns that she loves to mix and match.

About Doe Deere
Thousands of Doe Deere followers would like the inside scoop on the unicorn queen. The fact is that Doe Deere started out like any ordinary girl. She was born in Russia and raised in New York City. She was always fascinated by colors, beauty, makeup, and fashion. Doe Deere was surprised by the lack of vivid and vibrant colors in the cosmetic world. She decided to start her own cosmetic line featuring colors that were unique and fun. Lime Crime was created back in 2008 out of that desire.

Doe Deere is a true inspiration to young women with dreams of their own. Doe Deere strongly believes in following your dreams and never giving up on that dream. Doe Deere started out small and quickly became a sensation online. She enlisted her love of crazy colors and vibrant blends to build a name for herself. Thousands started viewing her Lime Crime makeup site. She soon realized that her crazy colors in lipstick, nail polish, and eye shadow were catching fire online. Doe Deere is the perfect example of a true entrepreneur that followed her dream and built a successful cosmetic empire.

Doe Deere is a supporter of women in business. She believes that there should be more women starting their own business. Deere is also a frequent speaker on women in business at various media events across the country. She welcomes contact with young entrepreneurs through her social media sites.