Rocketship Education quality of services

Rocketship Education has been at the fore front in creating an environment where children from low income families are able to access quality education. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network the charter schools that specializes in working with communities and community organizations in establishing public institutions that offer quality education. It works with San Jose’s children that come from low income families and those learning English on their path to college.

The efforts of Rocketship Education are bearing fruits since there are 25 charter schools that are very high performing. They have been serving people in the community since 2007. A research by CREDO has found out that students from St Jose that have gone through quality charter schools gain more than a month of extra learning. This is for both math and reading.

Parent participation

To ensure that the students get the best quality education, the parents are also participating in the hiring of quality teachers. They participate in this exercise before the classes begin. Rocketship Education says that this is not something new because they have been doing it in all the 13 charter schools that they run. Rocketship Education CEO says that the foundation of the charter schools is laid on parent participation to ensure students get the best quality education.

To ensure that the parents know how to do the interviews, several families undergo training on the best way to do interviews. In other instances the charter schools will hold community meetings so that the families can meet the interview finalists. Parents on the other hand are always happy since they know who will be teaching and handling their children.

Values taught at the schools

Apart from providing quality education to the students, the Rocketship Education teaches values to the students to ensure that they become responsible people in the community. One of the values that is taught in one of the charter schools is gratitude. Every Rocketship Education has five core values of which four are shared in all the charter schools. The four that are shared across the schools include persistence, empathy respect and responsibility. The fifth core value for each school is left for the parents and teachers to decide. This value is the one that best describes the school’s unique value system.