Fisher’s Award is Status Symbol

Darius Fisher, president of Status Labs online public relations firm, was a recipient of the prestigious PR World Awards “Business Development Individual of the Year” award. The award recognizes achievements in marketing, public relations and corporate communications.

Fisher earned the award because, in 3 years, Status Labs accomplished a growth in revenue of 939%. The key to this achievement was building a worldwide client base with new digital services and great customer relations. Darius Fisher also motivates his employees to perform by team building and incentives.

The Status Labs president was honored in San Francisco at the annual SVUS (Silicon Valley United States) Red Carpet Awards Ceremony Dinner. “Business development is imperative for any company with long-term growth goals,” Fisher said, “so we take brand partnerships and relationship-building seriously.”

Fisher graduated cum laude from Vanderbilt with a bachelor’s degree in economics. After college, he worked as a litigation support executive and a political consultant, and then became a senior copywriter for Agora Publishing. In 2013, Fisher co-founded Status Labs with a goal of helping clients increase sales through effective online marketing and public relations. Now, with offices in Austin, TX, New York and Sao Paolo, Status Labs serves over 1500 clients in 35 countries, and it’s been featured in the New York Times, New York Post and US News & World Report. In March of 2016, the 3-year-old company hit its first million-dollar month, putting it on target to make 2016 a 7-million-dollar year.

As well as a successful entrepreneur, Fisher is also a contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post. He’s a great believer in increasing employee satisfaction. In Forbes, he wrote that companies should offer employees rewards, such as tickets or Apple watches, for reaching goals. “Who isn’t motivated by the prospect of a treat?” he asked. He also wrote that employees should be acknowledged for good work, and he always congratulates them with a company-wide email.

Fisher wrote in Forbes that “people like to have their hard work recognized.” No doubt, then, he appreciates being acknowledged as “Business Development Individual of the Year.”

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How Does Status Labs Help People Get Back On Top?

Status Labs has devoted a lot of time and energy to making sure that people are going to be able to have the best services for their online reputations. An online reputation problem can explode quickly, and the Status Labs team will begin to solve the problem using their own formula. Clients that are coming to Status Labs are in need of a plan that will change the way they perceive their own company. Status Labs uses all the information they can find to change the reputation of a client, and they are there to see that every client gets the same kinds of service over time.


Clients can pay Status Labs a retainer to have them check on their online reputation, or Status Labs can immediately work on a problem that is happening right now. It is much quicker for someone to call Status Labs because this is easier than just wondering how the problem will be solved. Solving the problem alone never looks good, and Status Labs has the resources that are needed to make every client look good.


They will go so far as to release pictures and videos that will look good online. They will show the public every good side of the client, and the public will get very involved with the way that the company works. Every positive piece of news that is there will be released online, and the positive news will be so voluminous that the negative news will be banished to pages in an online search that no one ever checks.
Someone who is trying to make sure that they have a good image management should ask Status Labs for help. Status Labs will make it pretty easy for everyone to get the results they want, and Status Labs will be there to change the way that everyone manages their new reputation. Status Labs can keep an eye on the online reputation of the client, or Status Labs will keep working until the threat is neutralized. There is a lot to do, but only Status Labs knows how to make this work correctly.

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Darius Fisher Offers Insights

Darius Fisher is the founder and CEO of Status Labs. The company specializes in online reputation management. Of course, with the expansion of social media, this has become so much more important now than ever before. While the company now works with thousands of clients around the world, Darius Fisher also strives to provide services and helpful insights to customers who just want some tips. This includes offering information on how to handle unfavorable photographs that land on the Internet. Once posted online, it can prove difficult to completely remove, but by following these general guidelines, it is possible to reduce the potential impact.


Darius Fisher says the first step to avoiding major problems with unfavorable photographs placed online is to act as quickly as possible. In order to reduce the number of views on social media (or wherever else the posts are located) is is necessary to remove the picture whenever possible. Now, if the photograph is located on a third party website where another entity is running the site, an attorney can work with drafting a takedown notice. Having an in-staff professional who can provide this service is essential. Or, ate the very least, having a pre-drafted letter that can later be addressed to the particular website or publisher is a valuable asset.


This is because the quality SEO listings arrive and receive more attention, which pushes down the undesirable content (especially if it has been removed already). Positive content will always appear towards the top of Google and other search engines, which push down negative postings. This is just another example as to why utilizing quality SEO is vital for the longevity of a business.


Above all else, a company or individual posting content online needs to simply learn from the mistake. As long as the business or poster learns from the mistake, they can avoid this sort of situation taking place ever again.

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