Refugee Crisis in Greece, George Soros renowned investor and philanthropist

This is a Recap of the article that was published in the New York Review of books by George Soros renowned investor and philanthropist.

There are four major flaws in the asylum policy on
which has already brought about the deportation of hundreds from Greece to Turkey. First of all the treaty is not really European being that it was negotiated with Turkey and imposed on the European Union by the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Secondly this policy does not have nearly enough funding and third it is not at all voluntary but imposes quotas that many are not in agreement with also requiring refugees to live in countries that are not of their choosing and forcing yet others who struggled to get there now to depart from Europe. Last but not least this policy puts Greece into a position where it receives more asylum seekers than it has facilities for.

Of course this can be remedied but will not be through mandatory quotas that are not working for any involved. Surge funding will be needed to make this work. We have a big problem in the making in Greece at this time. These people are desperate and should be helped as much as possible to reach their destinations in Europe. There has also been an underlying anti-immigrant attitude on in member states, which has caused support for authoritarian political parties and prejudice towards those seeking refuge in Europe.

Again financial support is a key in this equation. If countries in the Middle East get enough funding to help the refugees living there work and send their children to school this would reduce the flow of refugees into Europe to a level that could be handled properly. A balance must be found where there is a targeted number of refugees agreed upon that Europe can absorb shall we say between 300,000 to 500,000 a year thus allowing a good amount in and giving them hope but at the same time a number within reason that can be accommodated by the European governments. Visit Open Society Foundations website to know more about George Soros.

There is a silent majority that wants the Democratic European Union to be preserved even with any of its present flaws but the refugee crisis is a major threat to its continuance. The main problem again is lack of funding; something must be done to remedy this situation.

George Soros the author of the original article is an American investor, magnate, philanthropist and author from Jewish-Hungarian ancestry. George Soros is also the chairman of Soros Fund Management. He has been a leading supporter of democratic causes and beliefs on an international scale for over 30 years. George Soros’ organization called Open Society Foundations helps support democracy and human rights in over 100 countries.

Born in Budapest a duel citizen George Soros is considered one of the most successful financiers in history. Many follow his views and opinions on investing and economic issues. To quote Mr. George Soros “A full and fair discussion is essential to democracy.”