Doe Deere CEO Of Lime Crime Tells Secret Of Making Drems Come True In The Modern Age.

So, how does one girl become Queen of the Unicorns? Well, before we answer, we have an even better question to ask, how does Doe Deere inspire so many cool make up designs and inspire others to live their dream life? The answer is going to inspire you. Born in Russia, Doe Deere moved to the United States when she was seventeen. She spent most of her time growing up in Russia and New York City. Doe currently lives in the city of angels, beautiful Los Angeles. As a child Doe Deere dreamed but not of becoming a CEO of a successful makeup company. Doe wanted to be a musician and that is what she did when she moved to New York City.


It was during her band years that Doe Deere learned some useful skills like marketing and creating a brand. It taught her another important life skill too, to appreciate people and listen to their needs and wants.


Doe suggests that being ambitious is a great way to make your dreams come true. You look at what your head and heart are telling you and follow your heart. It knows that there is something special in all of us. It is by going into the area that you love, you will find the inspiration to lead yourself to greatness. This is what happened for Doe. She had a few hundred dollars and the dream of making makeup that had amazing color that was not available from the leaders of the makeup industry. The reality of the situation is that many people ask for more color and brighter color and the makeup companies of the day ignored these requests. When Doe started Lime Crime, she listened to the makeup user and started to create these amazing, fun colors.


Unusual, bright tones were not easy to come by in 2008. The makeup industry was very much into providing natural, safe, nine to five tones and colors. IT was for this reason that Doe started to create her own bright colors and Lime Crime became profitable simply because people loved the colors. Lime Crime hit success early on because they listened to what people wanted and took steps to create that makeup and bring it to the makeup customer. No one was stuck into that nude or beige tone makeup that their mother’s grandma wore any longer. With the products offered by Lime Crime you can change the color of your lips, eye lines and so much more. You can feel free to mix and match your makeup and be who you are.

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Doe Deere Describes Her Path to Success

“The Queen of Unicorns,” more commonly known as Doe Deere, is also the CEO of a revolutionary cosmetics company called Lime Crime. Deere was recently profiled in an article for Guest of a Guest. In the article, Deere describes how she followed her passion to make her own dreams come true and explains how other women should be inspired to do the same in their own lives.

Deere certainly did not have the conventional start to success as an entrepreneur. She grew up in Russia and only moved to the U.S. when she was 17. She currently resides in Los Angeles but also spent some years living in New York City.

Doe Deere’s inspiration for Lime Crime, her extremely successful cosmetics company, cam from her love of bright and unusual colors as part of her creative self-expression. Back in 2008, around when Lime Crime was first launched, Deere said she was stuck with mostly neutral options for colors in the mainstream makeup industry. She explained that the trend was for very muted, boring makeup back then. Since Deere could not find bright colors for herself anywhere, she decided to jump in head first and try making them herself. Even though she definitely marches to her own beat when it comes to personal style and fashion, Deere amassed quite the following of girls who loved her bright, funky makeup options just as much as she did.

Deere finds the freedom to be herself through makeup. Rather than masking any perceived flaws, Deere embraces makeup as a form of self-expression to show the world her passion for life and love for all things creative. Because she also had a fashion background from studying at FIT in New York and majoring in fashion design, Deere views makeup as an extension of her clothing and as an additional tool to create a totally unique look for herself. She hopes that other women will embrace makeup in the same positive way, instead of trying to hide their features or follow some set of beauty rules imposed by society. Deere is certainly an inspiration for women in both business and creative self-expression.