Take a Photography Safari with Wild Ark

The face our tourism has changed in recent years. As a more environmentally driven generation reaches adulthood, the demand for eco-friendly destinations is rising and creating a new type of tourism industry in Southern Africa.


Instead of shooting the animals with rifles and causing irreparable harm to the natural environment, guests are more likely to shoot with a high-quality digital camera. Instead of a head on the wall as a trophy, brilliant pictures of rhinos, elephants, antelope, lions, cheetahs and other exotic animals are the take away. With over 320 days of sunshine per year, Botswana and South Africa offer stunning views of the savannah to enable photographers of all skill levels the chance to get the perfect shot.


South Africa has several animal preserves that allow gusts to hike and camp on premises. Of course, when in the presence of wild animals security is always key, so a thriving industry has sprung up to ensure guest comfort and safety can be assured at all times. Companies like Wild Ark provide packages ranging from hiking and camping all the way to bespoke Safari’s via airplane.


The bespoke safari experience is aimed at luxury travelers in the eastern Africa and Indian Ocean region and costs are based on the activities the guest chooses. More traditional fare such as photography tours in South Africa are packaged prices based on the destination location, number of days included and the activity package selected.


Wild Ark employs teams to ensure guests do not leave anything behind at campsites to impact the environment. Tents are in the national parks and feature high roofs, beds, linens and a private bathroom en-suite. Professional photographers accompany guests and provide insight on how to get the perfect shot every time. Each day after lunch guests have the chance to review the photographs they captured the previous day and look for areas of improvement to implement in the afternoon. Wild Ark’s professional guides also work to teach guests how to use all the features of their cameras to get a variety of still life nature and action big game shots.