Felipe Montoro Jens Is Always Looking To Be Better

About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens attended collefe at Oregon University in 1998. Later that year he transferred to UC Santa Barbra. He has a bachelor degree in History and Spanish, as well as a Masters degree in Health Promotion and Kinesiology. Montoro also has an undergraduate and post graduate degree in Business Administration.

Room For Improvement

Something that’s true that nobody agrees with Felipe Montoro Jens on is that things must always be clean and in the appropriate place. The one thing he does over and over is review. He suggests that others review their reports and presentations. He says there is always room for improvement and better precision. Read this article at odiario.com about Felipe Montoro Jens

Never Settle

One strategy that has helped Montoro Jens grow his business is he never found contentment with his results. He always finds ways to improve his outcomes. One failure that Montoro Jens had was he wasn’t able to motivate his team to have the same passion as he did. This is something he is still working today. A business idea he could advise is to try out private infrastructure ventures in America. The best $100 he spent recently was with his family at a fish restaurant for his sister’s birthday. The restaurant sat right in front of the sea and everyone was able to share the view of the sun set.

Making Life Easier

A piece of software that helps Felipe Montoro Jens be productive is his banking app. His app helps make all transfers, investments, and payments happen quickly and easily from anywhere that has an internet connection. A book that Montoro Jens recommends everyone real is “Sidarta”. It talks about the importance of finding balance internally using nature. Felipe Montoro Jens says the key things to have in mind are: do your best at everything you do, don’t give up, focus on the present without past or future results, surround yourself with people who are better and smarter, and stay healthy and moving always.

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Global CEO Lori Senecal’s Career Highlights

Lori Senecal is the Global CEO of CP+B and is in charge of running the entire marketing firm. She is also responsible for the overall growth and expansion of the company as well. Lori oversees the 10 international office locations and focuses on continuing to develop the firm as a top marketing company in the global marketplace. Since 2015 when she joined the firm, Lori has been able to make a very significant impact on both the business operations and the overall company culture. She has helped make the firm into a modern day global advertising agency that has proven to be among the most inventive in the industry. It is also known to be very flexible as well collaborative with clients and vendors. Global has been able to offer both consistency in international markets and strong market innovation with Lori as the CEO.


Under the leadership of Lori Senecal, the firm has been able to focus on talent and establish a highly entrepreneurial spirit. With this approach, Global has been recognized as one of the Creativity Innovators of the Year in 2017. In 2016, Lori was named as one of the top four Agency Executives to Watch. Over the most recent years, Lori has been named as among the AdWeek’s Power 100 executives. This recognizes the top leaders in media, marketing and technology. Fast Company honored Lori for her leadership in revolutionizing the future of business in the advertising industry. She was also named one of the Most Creative People in Business for the year 2017.


Bloomberg reveals that before Lori joined CP+B, she was the Global Chairman and CEO of the company KBS. While working at this firm, she helped grow the company from a 250 employee domestic company to an international firm with over 900 employees. The firm also became known as one of the Best Places to Work in New York City. It was also named as one of the Standout Agencies on Advertising Age for three straight years. She was also named Women to Watch in 2013 along with being honored at the AWNY game Changer Awards. According to Media Post, at this event, she would receive the Quantum Leap award for both innovation and leadership.





Sheldon Lavin Successful Career in Food Processing

Sheldon Lavin has a great personality. Most people know him as the financial consultant who has been doing very well in the food processing industry. The businessman has had a great shinning start since childhood. When he was growing up, the young man did not know that he had a great career in front of him. More than forty years ago, the businessman decided to venture into the meat processing industry when he was hired to work as the financial consultant with Otto Sons. With his influence in the company, the businessman did his best to ensure that Otto Sons become one of the best in the involved food processing department.

When he joined the meat company as a financial consultant, Sheldon Lavin wanted to change the lives of consumers who wanted great food. The meat handling department is very complex, and it can be difficult to meet all the needs and demands of the customers who are in different locations in the world. However, Lavin has been a great and influential person in the department, localizing all the activities of the international company so that the consumer can get whatever they are looking for. Click here to know more.

After the Otto Sons sold their shares to Lavin many years ago, the businessman chose to concentrate on making the company one of the fastest growing in the international platform. With the help of other leaders in the company, Lavin changed the name of the company, and he has been influential in opening different branches in various parts of the world. These professionals have managed to acquire several other plants and companies so that they can serve the consumer in a better way.

Sheldon Lavin has a lot of expertise when it comes to matters concerning food processing and finances. This great combination has assisted him to become an influential leader and mentor to many people at the OSI Group and other parts of the globe. Sheldon Lavin is very passionate about expanding the services of the company, and he has done all he can to ensure the success of OSI Industries. At the moment, the international company has managed to open branches in several nations in the world. Under the leadership of the businessman, the OSI Group has been successful in getting several awards in the international platform. His skills in the finance department have assisted the company to make the correct financial decisions whenever it is necessary. With the support of other people in the company, Lavin has done very well.

Whitney Wolfe Introduces Bumble BFF For Women

It can be difficult to find the time to date and make friends when you are in your 20s and constantly working and on the move. Bumble has the solution for both of these issues now that they introducing the new Bumble BFF module. It works from inside the regular Bumble app and can be used to find friends in your area. It uses a different algorithm than the dating portion of the app and is specifically focused on finding people who you would get along with platonically. You simply get matched up with people who have similar interests and you can choose whether or not your want to talk more with them.

Whitney Wolfe came up with the idea for Bumble BFF when she realized how difficult it can be to make friends when you are busy with work. Since dating apps are already extremely popular and socially accepted, she realized that the same idea can be used to promote friendship. Since Bumble is created by women and caters specifically to other females, you can rest assured that you will be matched appropriately and not have to worry about unsavory exchanges that sometimes occur when using other dating apps. Users are already raving about Bumble BFF and how it has helped them expand their social life and expose them to new people. It is also a great way to expand your network and connections.

Whitney Wolfe has come a long way from growing up Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to college at the Southern Methodist University and studied International Studies. While still in school, she founded her first business and gave the proceeds to the areas that had been harmed by the BP oil spill. She also launched another non-profit organization with Patrick Aufdenkamp which was called the “Help Us Project.”

Whitney Wolfe started her career with her employed with Hatch Labs right out of college. That led to her getting involved with Cardify and eventually becoming a co-founder of Tinder. During her time there, she was the Vice President of marketing. She founded Bumble in 2014 and it is now the fourth most popular dating app.

Atlanta Hawks Make Changes

Recently, the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC (AHBE) has filed a lawsuit against the New Hampshire Insurance Company. It is believed that the insurance company had breached a contract that was made by Danny Ferry, the former general manager of the Hawks. Bruce Levenson was also a former controlling partner of the Hawks.

The lawsuit was filed on September 13, 2016, at the Superior Court of Fulton County. AHBE made claims that it was insured under a policy that covered losses that are related to employment practices. These practices include wrongful termination and workplace torts. In early April, AHBE informed the insurance company that claims that were asserted by Danny Ferry were covered by the company. The lawsuit claims that the insurance company has refused to acknowledge the claim let alone accept the policy had been triggered. As a result on June 22, 2015, Danny Ferry and the Hawks ownership reached a buyout agreement. (http://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeozanian/2015/04/23/bankers-for-levenson-oversold-atlanta-hawks-by-27/)

According to Time Magazine, Bruce Levenson went to Washington University in St. Louis. He then went on to attend law school at American University. His career did not start until 1977 when he co-founded United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz. They began this company by creating the Oil Express, a newsletter that focused on new developments in the oil industry. Over the years, his company acquired many other newsletters. They were even able to branch out by launching several databases that include Oil Price Information Service, and GasBuddy.

Then, in 2004, Atlanta Spirit LLC, which has come to be known as the Atlanta Hawks LLC. This LLC was formed so that they could buy the Atlanta Hawks from Turner Broadcasting. Bruce Levenson works as the team’s managing partner. In 2012 he hired Danny Ferry to be the general manager and president of basketball operations. In late 2014, Bruce decided that he would sell his share of the Atlanta Hawks company.

Source: brucelevenson.com

JustFab Really Has Something Special

Adam Goldenberg has always known business and how to run a business and make it successful. It was just something that has been in him and probably always will be in him for as long as he decides to be part of the business world. This is the same Adam Goldenberg that started his own business at the age of 15. He has never been afraid to take risks, put himself out there, and really go for something when he believes in it. He shows no hesitation, no regret, and no doubt. That is the type of mentality one must have when running a business.

Another great trait he has is the ability to ask for help when needed. Along with Adam Goldenberg’s business partner, Don Ressler, they didn’t know a whole lot about fashion or how it works. They knew they wanted to do an online monthly subscription for the cost of $39.95 to have handbags, shoes, and accessories that are catered to each individual. However, as far as fashion themselves, they were the first ones to admit they needed a little help. They not only reached out for assistance on YouTube, but they got some of the best fashion leaders in the world. If they were going to do this, they were going to do this right.

Once they receive their items, it does not stop there, though. The items, as mentioned, are designed to fit the needs of the customer. Ressler and Goldenberg also offer style boards and show how it will look on models. This way, someone gets a glimpse of what to expect and how it will look. They also give them fashion tips and advice as well, which is there if they need it. Sometimes it can be difficult to look at the closet and come up with an outfit idea and how to properly accessorize it.

Adam Goldenberg take all of that guess work out of the picture. A lot of times, people just need a spark of inspiration or to see something in a different way, and it gets them excited about their fashion. They have gone on record and said they wanted to inspire women and also get conversation going about fashion. This is like a fashion community where people can help each other out, boost their spirits, and be there for one another. This is not just another shopping website where someone puts something in their cart and that is it. Source: http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Adam_Goldenberg

Bob Reina Is Doing Good Things For A Good Reason

Talk Fusion, which was founded by Bob Reina in 2007, is a simply amazing product. It is out there for people to use through the iTunes store and also The Google Play store. What is even more remarkable about it is the fact that anyone can use it and use it to their advantage to start up a business and realize their true potential. That is what Bob Reina is all about at the end of the day. Sometimes he sees things in people that they might not see in themselves. He knows talent when he sees it and he knows what people can do when they really, really want something.

One thing that Bob Reina really wants to do is give back to people in need and make their lives a little bit easier. However, this does not just extend to children. This, right here, shows the range of Bob Reina and how much he gives back. He recently made a record-breaking $1 million dollar donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. When you are talking about record-breaking donations, that is not just any donation. That is something really, really special and out-of-this-world kind. That is Bob Reina, though. Anyone that has ever met him or worked for him knows this and it comes as no surprise to them.

He has also been active in saving the lives of numerous animals. He also helps support an Indonesian orphanage. This also extends to his employees, as he recently gave them the chance to donate Talk Fusion to one charity of their choosing. He is not going to tell them what charity that is. That is completely up to them and what they feel like doing. This is not just any version of Talk Fusion they can give to a charity. It is their best one which works on branding and offers Video Email, Video Newsletters, Live Meetings, Sign-up Forms, and Video Chat.

When Bob gives back, it is the best of giving back. It is not doing it half way or partially. It is about giving it everything and then some.

Learn more: http://homebusinessmag.com/author/bob-reina/

Talk Fusion Diamond Rush Motivational Moments… by MollyJimenez

Refusing To see impossibilities: Marc Sparks

There are those who entertain negative thoughts and there are those that do not. The CEO and President of Timber Creek Capital Marc Sparks is one of the people who refuses to see difficulties.

They prefer to see individuals with an upbeat mentality, always looking to rise beyond their current state of want to a state of renewal. The Dallas-based entrepreneur and philanthropist keep his head-held-high beaming with confidence and optimism and expects the same from other entrepreneurs.
At Timber Creek, A private family owned equity firm; Marc specializes in making entrepreneurs achieve their dream. He is a bridge to help those dreams into reality. Unfortunately for Marc, he cannot afford to put his time in negative people. You must be armed with an undying interest in finding solutions according to a post on his Facebook wall. He observes that business is always about navigating an unknown terrain. If you are not ready to see through challenges, the investment is lost.

In his new venture, Spark Tank where entrepreneurs get various services, he aims at establishing a platform that offers more than one service to entrepreneurs.

In one of the initiatives of the Marc Sparks USA is the marketing training and consultation firm. Entrepreneurs come and are trained on how to make their marketing successful. Part of the biggest problem in entrepreneurship is making the product known in the market. The initiatives bring together all technical expertise and experience to help young and upcoming investors to generate revenues. Learn more about Marc Sparks: http://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000

Despite having great ideas, many new investments have a slight likelihood of success. Through improved proficiency in the marketing, go-to-market products, prototyping and testing of goods, the chances of success are increased.

Marc Sparks is a renowned entrepreneur. His areas of interest include bonds, insurance, and properties market. Though he is not exclusively looking for entrepreneurs from this areas only, it is the area he holds most of his professional experience and therefore he also doubles up as a mentor to young professionals.

Spark Tank idea is serving as an important stepping stone for many entrepreneurs because they not only get funding and exposure to the management process but also get to learn about other investors who they can contact and learn from them. They can also share notes on how they can engage together in business.

He recommends that if you are interested in a particular area of investment, it is always good to have a vision, knowledge, and data to back up your investment idea. He laments that most entrepreneurs lack funding because they lack the three essential things.