Ara Chackerian Is A True Healthcare Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

With more than 20 years of experience in starting and operating healthcare companies, Ara Chackerian is widely recognized as an expert in the field of health technology and services. As the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, Mr. Chackerian regularly invests in startup healthcare companies that can make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Among the companies that Ara Chackerian has co-founded are PipelineRx, TMS Health Solutions, and BMC Diagnostics. At these companies, Mr. Chackerian has served as either the executive chairman and chief executive officer.

Having spent more than a decade building out-patient diagnostic radiology centers, Ara Chackerian and his business partner decided several years ago to enter into a partnership with a prominent psychiatrist to develop TMS Health Solutions.

TMS is an acronym for transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is a form of treatment for patients struggling with depression who have failed to respond to traditional medication and talk therapy. In a little more than two years, this partnership has built seven modern TMS treatment centers in northern California.

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, Ara Chackerian is paying close attention to the growing field of digital healthcare. He sees a great deal of promise in the use of Telemedicine and healthcare apps when it comes to the treatment of various medical conditions. For more details on these apps, visit Crunchbase.

Giving back to society is an important mission for Ara Chackerian. After visiting Armenia with his father in 2009, Ara helped start the Nor Luyce, or “new light” mentoring program. This program pairs young women from low-income families and orphanages with positive role model-mentors, and helps them to find the skills to create a more promising future for themselves.

In addition to the Nor Luyce program, Chackerian maintains investment in several youth development and empowerment programs, as well as an ecologically sustainable Nicaraguan teak plantation. Check out for more info about his travels and philanthropic investments.

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Whitney Wolfe Introduces Bumble BFF For Women

It can be difficult to find the time to date and make friends when you are in your 20s and constantly working and on the move. Bumble has the solution for both of these issues now that they introducing the new Bumble BFF module. It works from inside the regular Bumble app and can be used to find friends in your area. It uses a different algorithm than the dating portion of the app and is specifically focused on finding people who you would get along with platonically. You simply get matched up with people who have similar interests and you can choose whether or not your want to talk more with them.

Whitney Wolfe came up with the idea for Bumble BFF when she realized how difficult it can be to make friends when you are busy with work. Since dating apps are already extremely popular and socially accepted, she realized that the same idea can be used to promote friendship. Since Bumble is created by women and caters specifically to other females, you can rest assured that you will be matched appropriately and not have to worry about unsavory exchanges that sometimes occur when using other dating apps. Users are already raving about Bumble BFF and how it has helped them expand their social life and expose them to new people. It is also a great way to expand your network and connections.

Whitney Wolfe has come a long way from growing up Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to college at the Southern Methodist University and studied International Studies. While still in school, she founded her first business and gave the proceeds to the areas that had been harmed by the BP oil spill. She also launched another non-profit organization with Patrick Aufdenkamp which was called the “Help Us Project.”

Whitney Wolfe started her career with her employed with Hatch Labs right out of college. That led to her getting involved with Cardify and eventually becoming a co-founder of Tinder. During her time there, she was the Vice President of marketing. She founded Bumble in 2014 and it is now the fourth most popular dating app.

Arthur Becker Is Adept At Lucrative Investment Deals.

Mr. Arthur Becker is employed by Madison Partners, which is a speculative agency for investments whose primary focus is on realty and preemptive phase Biological Technology endeavors. Mr. Arthur Becker’s prior employment was with Zinio, LLC as their CEO, as well as their Chairman. Zinio distributes highly sought after digital magazines.

Mr. Becker was also the former NaviSite CEO. NaviSite is famous for providing I.T. services as well as hosting services to a variety of corporations ranging across the UK and the USA. They also have offices that are located in India, and supply highly valuable cloud-based management services to businesses.

While at NaviSite, as well as while at Zinio, Mr. Arthur Becker experienced the thrill of what can come from combining technology with real estate. After departing from Zinio in 2011, he shifted his realty commitment to condominium investments in both New York and Miami. This provides him with opportunities to construct luxury residential developments for further profit ventures.

Mr. Arthur Becker absolutely enjoys working side by side with people that he holds respect for in the fields of real estate and technology, reveals . He finds fascination with the differences that are involved with the various aspects of the work, such as the financing, design stages and construction.

His fascination extends to the field of Biotechnology, specifically the area of cancer research. His lack of medical training does not hinder him, as he has extensive exposure to a great variety of medical ideas on the subject.

Mr. Arthur Becker has the extensive know-how to locate attainable opportunities for investing. Many who know him believe that whatever he touches figuratively turns to gold. He is listed as one of the top investors in all of New York. He is the managing director at the renowned company Madison Technologies. He is also the active manager of Atlantic Investors, which has launched his projects related to realty.

Mr. Arthur Becker is a graduate of the Bennington University with a Bachelor’s degree in Administration. He has also taken courses at the Dartmouth Truck School. See,