When Your Digital Reputation Is On The Line

Reputation management and SEO are intertwined; results on page one of Google are desirable, however, the results have to be positive. Reputation management firms, such as Status Labs, help clients by getting positive and truthful results pushed up to the top of the search results. When consumers search for a product or service, Status Labs’ clients enjoy having numerous links appear that encourage people to clink on the link and learn more.


According to Status Labs, press releases and PR pitches are an ideal way to get positive information at the top of Google’s search results. In a recent press release of their own, Status Labs encourages readers to become storytellers, not marketers, when composing a press release. Journalists are looking for stories to print, not marketing materials. Status Labs has extensive media contacts and experience pitching stories. While business owns can pitch stories to assignment editors, however, it takes time to build a list of contacts. Having Status Lab Pitch your stories will leave you free to focus on your company.


Other content that Status Labs generates to enhance their client’s digital reputation includes social media and blogs. Once clients receive their monthly report and see their online presence increase with positive content.


Status Labs also offers Google image curation. People often worry about what others write about them, however, images are important as well. People will base their first impression of your business on an image that appears in the search results; therefore, it is vital to ensure that it is a flattering image.


Darius M. Fisher, president of Status Labs, gives advice to high profile individuals that applies to anyone who does not want their personal information blasted all over the Internet. Fisher suggests making your Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts private unless you use them for business. If you do use them to promote your brand, make sure everything that you post is information that are comfortable with being public. An individual applying for a new position or admission into a prestigious university may want to review their social media posts and delete anything that could hurt their chances of success.

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