Luciana Lossio: The Rightfully Chosen

In May of 2016, it was announced that Luciana Lossio will be the new Minister of TSE. She is the successor of the Minister Arnaldo Versiani due to his departure. The swearing-in ceremony occurred on May 26, 2016 in the Court Plenary itself around 7pm.


With amazing accomplishments in which Lossio earned, it’s no wonder why she was chosen for such a honorable position. She has proven to be a devoted professional in various ways. In 2011, she made history by becoming a pioneering woman who occupied one of the three exclusive destination waves for attorneys. She also is a proven expert in her field by working with the electoral law, and she is a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law (IBRADE). She is also well articulated, and thus, she has effectively used this ability in various forms of defense. And with this talent, she focused more on respecting the human being and his/her rights.


Earlier Accomplishments


In 1999, Lossio earned her law degree from the Centro Universitario de Brasilia (UniCeub). She also was approved in the Order of Lawyers of Brazil (OAB) in the same year. And with sheer ambition and determination, she also achieved three post-graduate degrees in Civil Procedural Law, the Legal System and Public Ministry, and the Law and State Constitution.


She served as the Attorney General of the Republic for over seven years where she worked alongside Geraldo Brindeiro and Claudio Fonteles, two former Attorney General of the Republic. While in this position, Lossio worked hard in utilizing advisory processes accordingly to the Federal Supreme Court (STF) and the TSE. She always worked hard ensuring all goes accordingly with the legislation.


She also has proven to be a great visionary. A visionary is always ahead of his/her time in which he/she demonstrates skills to deal with situations requiring complexity. Lossio has demonstrated ultimate professionalism as a lawyer and in other legal functions with great efforts, skills, and talent. Her resume and life work show why she qualifies for her current position.


As indicated in the Federal Constitution, the TSE must have at least seven judges. Three of these positions must first be in the Supreme Court and two other attorneys chosen from three possible appointments that are granted by the Supreme Court. Lossio was chosen for her technical and professional capacity.

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Luciana Lossio: Success as a Lawyer, Minister, and as an Equestrian Champion

The Minister of the Superior Electoral Court, Luciana Lossio, graduated from the Central University of Brasilia in 1999. Since then, Lossio has specialized in Electoral Law, as a member of the Brazilian Institute of Electoral Law. That path uses her three graduate degrees in Civil Procedure, Law, and the State and the Constitution, plus recent studies in legal order and prosecution. During her career, she has represented many important clients, including governors and senior members of the executive branch of government.

She has also blazed the trail for women in law and governance. In 2011 she was the first female lawyer to ever become a Substitute Minister for the Superior Electoral Court. She has been a very competent and intelligent lawyer, dealing with complex issues at all levels of government. For many years, she has worked with The Superior Electoral Court in order to keep things up to date on legislation and procedure.

Luciana has consistently shown her credibility in working with Superior Electoral Court matters, just as the current Minister has done. The current Minister of The Superior Electoral Court has also served in the Attorney General’s office alongside Claudio Fonteles and Geraldo Brindeiro and like him, she can handle complex pieces of legislation brilliantly. That will be very important as she transitions and takes hold of those additional duties.

Yet Luciana does more with her time than simply work on legislation with the Superior Electoral Court and think about legal matters. She is a talented and brilliant horsewoman who has shown her abilities on the equestrian ring to be equal to any of her talents with legal matters and degrees.

Her passion for horses has been lifelong. Luciana holds a Brazilian Amateur Jumping title, as she and her mare Nikita took the course three times with no zeroes and successfully jumped over obstacles of 1.2 meters high. Of the forty men and women competing that day, she beat them all. That passion for riding remains strong to this day and she has even represented Brazil in various equestrian competitions around the world.
Whether it is with her horse on the equestrian ring or with her colleagues working to improve the Brazilian Electoral and Legal system, Luciana has the heart and spirit of a champion. She is young and has a long future ahead of her, in which she can let those passions drive her to success.