Duda Melzer – Brazilian Entrepreneur

Mr. Eduardo Sirotsky Melzeris an integral part of the business community of Brazil. He is better known as Duda Melzer. He is a respected entrepreneur who actually comes from a family of established entrepreneurs. The men in the family are all business people and Mr. Duda Melzer has had great role models and inspirations to look up to.

According to Globo, Mr. Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho is the grandfather of Mr. Duda Melzer. He founded the company of RBS Group which is also the family company. Mr. Duda Melzer’s uncle is also working at RBS Group -as the chief executive officer.

Mr. Duda Melzer received his education from PUCRS – Pontifical Catholic University. Thee institution is located in Brazil in Rio Grande do Sul. Mr. Duda Melzer graduated in Business Administration. He has also studied in the United States of America and graduated at the age of 26. After he graduated, Mr. Duda Melzer went back to Brazil to assume his position at the family company of RBS Group.

Mr. Duda Melzer showed a lot of talent and promise at his position. He was working as the Director-General of the National market, starting 2004. Every few years Mr. Duda Melzer would be offered a promotion. He started climbing of the corporate ladder of the company and on 2015 he assumed the position of Chief Executive officer and President of the company of RBS Group.

In a report by Estadao, along with his responsibilities at RBS Group, Mr Duda Melzer is also working at his company E.Bricks Digital. He is also the creator of several other businesses. Some of them are online business and some are not. He is also involved with arts and is director of the art show Mercosul Biennial. Wine.com.br. is one of the online businesses which Mr. Duda Melzer has established. It is very successful in Latin America.

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