When to Use Wen: A Fine Hair Experiment

In the unlikely event that you haven’t heard about WEN Cleansing Conditioner, let’s fill you in. Created by Chaz Dean and endorsed by celebrities like Brooke Shields, Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a hair care product that replaces shampoo and conditioner. It is a cleanser that works without producing foam which can take some getting used to for many users. However, this product is considered gentle, effective, and luxurious by those who have tried it. The products can be found on retailers like Sephora and online stores including the popular Amazon website.

People with thin or fine hair may understandably balk at the idea of adding a deep conditioner to their hair. Conditioners have a reputation for weighing hair down or contributing to an oily effect; both characteristics are avoided by people with thin or fine hair. However, after a week long experiment conducted by Emily McClure for Bustle, we can see that those fears may not be valid.

Emily used herself as a guinea pig to test Wen for herself on her self-described fine hair complete with descriptions and photos. She has a medium length hair that starts off a bit flat in both texture and color. After seven days, her hair is undeniably shinier and more full.

Interestingly, Emily reported that she noticed less hair falling out in the shower and a fuller feeling head of hair while cleansing her hair. It’s worth noting that her hair seemed more oily in the morning, but maintained a beautiful luster throughout the day after a morning cleanse.

It seemed that her hair was definitely more moisturized, exactly what Wen products claim. As a result, it is understandable that hair may have more oil after twenty-four hours. Overall, Emily’s experiment dispelled the myth that fine hair cannot be moisturized and voluminous! Good news for anyone with fine hair that needs a boost and is looking for a product to deliver! Know the WEN secret! http://www.wen.com/why-its-unique.html

Wengie’s Way To Beautiful Skin Year Round

Wengie, host of her own beauty care YouTube channel in Australia, brings viewers around the world advice on how to maintain the most beautiful skin. In this episode she contrasts summer and winter skincare.
Protecting your skin from summer’s heat is important. Wengie mists Etude House’s Ice Shot Cool Fluffy Toner on her skin to regulate her skin’s temperature. As a result of stabilizing the skin’s temperature, the skin will keep an even tone.
A huge problem in summer can be the overproduction of oils. Before you know it, your skin is invaded with extra oils and your face looks majorly greasy throughout hot days. Wengie suggests carrying along blotting papers in your bag, wherever you go. The papers comes in two textures: silicon and paper. These blotting papers are so convenient because they remove the oil from the skin, while leaving your makeup on.
The most important thing to remember about summer skincare is to take care of your pores. Pores have the perfect opportunity to get bigger in summer because pores expand when they get clogged with oil and dirt. Secret Key’s Pore Tightening Clay Mask keeps pores tight and dirt long gone!
For cold weather, the application of rose-hip oil will prevent skin from becoming dry and will allow for a smooth and even makeup application across the face. Wengie stands by rose-hip oil but also encourages trying other great organic oils for your skin type. Also in the winter, she suggests using the Etude House’s Moistfull Collagen Mask. Wengie ensures that it is super refreshing for dry skin. You can rub the remainder of the mask on your body and not waste any product. Using a cleansing balm when it’s time to clean your skin will leave moisture in the skin and remove dirt at the same time. Get this effect with Clean it Zero, a balm by Banila co.
Last, Wengie offers some year-round advice and warns against damage done by the sun to the skin. She suggests using a spray sun screen everyday to ensure year-round protection and beautiful skin.


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Lime Crime is Dominating Instagram and Fashion


The makeup line that has appealed to those with a rebel flair and independent mindset is currently blowing up Instagram. By exceeding 2 million followers on the image dominated platform the company is clearly extending its reach and the fantastic influence of its one of a kind founder, Doe Deere. She has been an innovator in the often all too conservative world of fashion for years, making a name for herself by creating the “on lip” lipstick swatch. That would actually display how the cosmetic would look on a person’s lips. It was an eye catcher as was her understanding of the way bright colors and unconventional approaches appeal to many shoppers.

Ecommerce and makeup sales are quickly becoming the exclusive domain of Lime Crime because they are willing to follow the lead of Doe Deere and be creative. Providing people with a forum to learn about fashion and see trends is the secret of the popularity. Unlike many companies that misuse and misjudge the value of social media platforms. They are not just another forum to push your products but a way to connect with the unique people that have an interest in the same types of fashion that Doe Deere and Lime Crime have been producing for years. It is a community that grows because there is a constant engagement with followers.

Doe Deere has been running this maverick company for the past eight years and it has been built from the ground up in her image and having and engaging and original social media presence is a large reason for that success. The audience of followers spans the globe but the one thing they have in common is a unique sense of style and an understanding that fashion is not a trend that is dictated to you from an outside source but rather, an inside feeling that a person shares with the world.

It posts “featured looks” which are posted by fans and are denoted by the #limecrime which automatically posts it on the Twitter feed as well. They are able to show the individuality of nails artwork, or the original use of lipstick. They share these fans pictures to create a sense of community and to show an appreciation for what is possible when people use a little creativity in their lives. The hope is that followers on Instagram are going to be able to fearlessly create their own looks and share them with others as well.

Doe Deere has been a pied piper of her legions of fans that she adoringly refers to as her “unicorns”. It is exactly this kind of connection with the fashion world that has helped her build Lime Crime into one of the most popular makeup companies in the world. She has done this by being unconventional and not letting the fashion world dictate what her cruelty free cosmetics produce for their fans.

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Famous YouTubers Dedicated to Beauty

There are probably thousands of famous YouTubers that dedicate their channel to beauty and more. They are famous for a number of reasons. Generally, those with the most unique approach and videos achieve instant fame. Some of the most famous YouTubers are dedicated to providing information about Asian beauty and products that are dedicated to helping the Asian beauty achieve the type of look that she desires. They supply regular tips, advice, tutorials, and more on the latest beauty trends. One of the top Asian beauty channels on YouTube is Wengie.

Wengie is definitely one of the top YouTube channels that you should watch. Wendy Huang is the name of the young woman that is behind the wonderful world of wengie. Wengie is an Australian with one of the most popular Asian beauty channels on YouTube. The Australian based beauty expert likes to share all the information that she has collected over the years with her subscribers. She loves to share advice about Asian beauty products and advice on all the popular new trends happening around the world. Wengie loves sharing information about the latest Asian products with her Asian fans. She feels that there is a lot of information about American and Australian products, but very little about the Asian market. Today, she is totally obsessed with bringing this important information to Asian readers through her hauls and beauty tutorials.

A lot of Wengie’s fans would like to know about her start. Well, she stared out online working with a digital marketing firm. She helped clients to start their own blogs and to get connected with other social media sites. Soon, Wengie thought about starting her own blogs and sharing beauty tips and advice. Of course, Wengie decided to start her own blogs and YouTube channels about beauty. She states that more people should just stop and see the beauty in their own surroundings.